Posted: 17.05.2023

A Thai man won the lottery using the GPT chat room

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Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that can communicate with humans in real time. It also has features for writing poems, creating text content, finding code errors, and more.

The Universal Bot came out in 2022 and has been wildly popular since. There is a lot of content related to chatting on the web. But Pattavikorn Bunirn surpassed many: He successfully won the lottery using a chatbot.

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A new viral video has surfaced on Tik-Tok: a man from Thailand wins the lottery using a GPT chatbot to give his numbers. But before that, he asked the system a few questions, and then gave the numbers he had drawn in the past few years.

The chat room responded by asking Pattavikorn to bet on the numbers 57, 27, 29 and 99. The Thai picked this one and won, but for a fairly limited amount: $59. Still, the video was popular, with many hoping to win the lottery with the help of artificial intelligence.

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How did the bots in the GPT chat room react to the news that the man had won? Pattavikorn Bunirn said in an interview with the news channel:

“After I won, I went back to the chat room to share my joy with the AI. The robot replied that winning the lottery is 100% dependent on luck and that I shouldn’t get too attached to my research. He also said it’s better to go out and do something useful things like exercise.

However, Bunrin said the Thai said he would continue to use GPT chat to pick numbers for the lottery. If he succeeds, lottery organizers are in danger.


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    The text describes the popularity of Chat GPT, an AI chatbot that can communicate with humans in real time and has various features. It mentions a viral video where a man from Thailand won the lottery using the chatbot and shared his joy with the AI, which advised him not to get too attached to his research and to focus on productive activities instead.

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