Posted: 25.08.2023

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builde...

The domestic fans once again achieved impressive results in the online high-roller competition. Alvaro Pinheiro is one knockout away from winning the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. The owner of the writeUrstory account came in second out of 118 entrants and took home $9,533 in funding. Peter “pitaoufmg” Patrício retired in fourth place and took home $5,303.

In the tiebreaker of the $22 Mini Sunday Million, Fernando was “VC VEM!!!” Araújo won the silver medal and $8,894.

He was eliminated in the $1,050 Monday 6-Max High Roller event. Diego “Dih21” Costa took home $8,582 heads-up.

Diogo “khalifaman00” Brombim took home $7,133 for shouting during the $530 daily cooldown. There are 36 participants in the Championship.

Also on the site, Alysson “Brunopoker94” Bruno took the podium in the $109 Fenomeno for $5,993.

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeBounty Builder $33 “rbmrenato” 1st Place $5,847 $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “MatPolicarpo” ” 3. $5,744 Bounty Builder $44 “GUIDAASCANIO” 1. $5,325

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builde...

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