Posted: 15.11.2023

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoker

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoke...

Juan Pardo

Juan Pardo deserves credit for his persistence in the days leading up to his trip to Monte Carlo for the EPT.

La Roja’s most recent GGPoker daily tournament win bears his signature, an early win in the $440 High Roller Bounty Warmup at 4:30pm ET game.

The lack of challengers between festivals was noticeable, and while the tournament covered its guarantee, it did, thanks to repurchases. There were 29 entries , with Juan winning the most money with a single buy-in.

Malaka’s worst opponent was Norway’s Kayhan Mokri , who made the final table at last year’s EPT Barcelona and this year’s $25,000 PCA High Roller. In 2023, more than half of his live prize money (already millions of dollars) was collected, but in this particular competition, the victory went to our representative (1st place, $10,299 ).

Juan finished third in the Bounty Hunters HR Encore for $525 and an additional $4,246 for two podium finishes in the race.

The Hispanic player could have gotten better, the $11,233 that the winner of Wednesday’s $150 double took home after a heads-up deal, but there’s no 100 percent proof that the Andorran ” Yaves ” is fit for the Redskins.

Javier Zarco and Javi Rodriguez are the ones we can show our love from here without worrying about skating, and they ‘re two short of winning two tournaments on Pokerstars. com.

  • minus3bear “, 3rd in Mini BB HR $55 (2,568 players, $5.7 $68).
  • que_te_crio “, 3rd in Bounty Builder $215 (61 players, $1,681 )

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoke...

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