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Rafael Moraes beats KK in the Bounty Builder Series Main Event and takes home the trophy.

Rafael Moraes beats KK in the Bounty Builder Serie...

Dominating the Bounty Builder Series, Brazilian players flood into the final days of the PokerStars Festival main event.

Rafael Moraes is the top player with the $1,050 high buy. -In the event. The Brazilian increased the pot size by $6,648 before being eliminated in 18th place.

The owner of the “GM VALTER” account acted after leaving the table K10, his last act being a minimum raise to 280,000 from the button. Then the huge “jdtjpoker” bet another 790,000. After 4Bet Team called the Ace, the flop came 8710. Rafael followed the Mexican’s continuation bet of 700,000 and went all-in for 5,299,298. “jdtjpoker” called me and reported KK. Brasuca lost and was unable to save in either the 5th or 9th round.

The total amount raised during the tournament was $1,408,000, exceeding the set amount by $1,250,000.

Rafael Moraes beats KK in the Bounty Builder Serie...

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoker

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoke...

Juan Pardo

Juan Pardo deserves credit for his persistence in the days leading up to his trip to Monte Carlo for the EPT.

La Roja’s most recent GGPoker daily tournament win bears his signature, an early win in the $440 High Roller Bounty Warmup at 4:30pm ET game.

The lack of challengers between festivals was noticeable, and while the tournament covered its guarantee, it did, thanks to repurchases. There were 29 entries , with Juan winning the most money with a single buy-in.

Malaka’s worst opponent was Norway’s Kayhan Mokri , who made the final table at last year’s EPT Barcelona and this year’s $25,000 PCA High Roller. In 2023, more than half of his live prize money (already millions of dollars) was collected, but in this particular competition, the victory went to our representative (1st place, $10,299 ).

Juan finished third in the Bounty Hunters HR Encore for $525 and an additional $4,246 for two podium finishes in the race.

The Hispanic player could have gotten better, the $11,233 that the winner of Wednesday’s $150 double took home after a heads-up deal, but there’s no 100 percent proof that the Andorran ” Yaves ” is fit for the Redskins.

Javier Zarco and Javi Rodriguez are the ones we can show our love from here without worrying about skating, and they ‘re two short of winning two tournaments on Pokerstars. com.

  • minus3bear “, 3rd in Mini BB HR $55 (2,568 players, $5.7 $68).
  • que_te_crio “, 3rd in Bounty Builder $215 (61 players, $1,681 )

Another day at the office for Juan Pardo at GGPoke...

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

MarcaPoker reached 227 yesterday. The show airs on Radio Marca, thanks to David Luzago and sponsored by Winamax.

David commented on Poker News, both domestic and international, in an hour and a half that was, as always, very entertaining.

We will not reveal the content; we will only provide the table of contents:

  • David Luzagohis own news summary.
  • Celebrating Samuel Bernabéu’s bracelet, José Aguilera‘s in-depth performance in the WSOP Main Event (final table bubble) and Juan Maceiras‘s FT.
  • Trademan Interview, Commentary & Coach Álvaro Aspas “Darkored”.
  • A conversation with David Cabrero, the leader of a team of five young people from Huesca who, in collaboration with Fournier Playing Cards, made the world’s most The longest row of playing cards, and created a new Guinness record.
  • And contact with Sevilla Gold.

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

“PAQUINHO” Wins Battle HR at Suprema Poker

The world’s biggest event never stops. In a round that surpassed all guarantees, Suprema Poker handed out more than R$1 million in prize money across five main events.

Nobody has made more progress than “PAQUINHO”. After defeating 1,743 players in the R$300 Battle HR, his bankroll increased by R$61,819.

In the R$2,500 HighS, “piu12” could not compete with 112 entrants. His knockout earned 61,643 reais.

Meet other champions:

R$ 30 Big Plus (5,311 entrants)

1. Placement – ​​“sinollyn” R$ 18,813

R$ 550 Mini HighS (246 entries)

First place. Placement – ​​“LuizCraft” R$ 23,015

R$ 650 OmaX (144 entries)

First place. Venue – “jmaciel157” R$ 24,960

“OgivaNuclear” Cracks Suprema Brazil’s Battle HR

In a very busy time for Suprema Poker, “OgivaNuclear” had a great time after finishing on the podium in the R$250 Battle HR 200K GTD. He won R$31,674 out of a prize pool of R$218,475 out of a field of 723 entrants.

On the other hand, “ViviSaliva” had a lot of fun in the HighS 100K GTD and won the bonus money of BRL 800. He won R$23,664 by defeating 116 opponents.

View other results:

R$ 550 Mystery HR 75K GTD (130 entries)

Champion: “Vappe07” R $16,977

R$15 plus 50K GTD (1,874 entries)

Winner: “Cam13” R $7,137

R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (991 entries)

Champion: “Nothorius13.” R$ 5,005

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight

The Brazilian team started the week well. During his visit to the ACR, grinder Bernardo Granato caused problems for his opponents. The “bomdias” account pilot won $10,080 for fifth place in the $215 BIG10 competition. Next up, Samba stars Lucas “SmallRock” Rocha (4th) and Wally “SunTzu1” Bruno (3rd) took home $14,500 and $19,400, respectively.

Bernardo did not stop there. Not long after, he beat his compatriot heads-up at the $215 Mega Stack. The winner took home $21,195, while the runner-up added $19,953 to the bankroll.

In the $55 BIG10 Special, Murilo “NeverWalk” Nascimento finished second out of 2,374 entrants, a feat that earned him $16,496.

“Chenkinho” also defeated 1,168 players in the $109 NL Hold’em PKO for $16,528.

In the end, “CallVeio” won the $215 NL Hold’em PKO. Bronze medal and $12,016.

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight

WSOP: Felipe Mojave is first Brazilian to complete 100 ITMs

Felipe Mojave Enters Event #90 Prize Pool, Becomes...

On June 17, 2009, at the World Series of Poker, Felipe Mojave began writing a story with so many chapters that he probably couldn’t have imagined so many storylines. 14 years later, the GGPoker ambassador has pulled off one of the most beautiful passages in the book, winning his 100th cash at the world’s biggest event.

Mojave was the first Brazilian to achieve the feat, which was also the case during Event #90 on Saturday night (15). Mojave’s 100th ITM wasn’t in any tournament: He went up against the elite in a $10,000 6-max No-Limit Hold’em tournament. There were 550 entrants and when 83 entrants remained, the bubble burst.

Mojave’s jackpot is a spoiler, because it’s just the beginning. 14 years ago today, he finished sixth in Event 35 ($5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha) and won $67,663, Felipe’s fourth-biggest cash on the track to date. With 100 ITMs, his WSOP earnings are just over $2.1 million.

This includes WSOP Online Tournaments, WSOP Circuit Events and WSOP Europe. A legend in this regard is American Roland Israelashvlii, who has 431 WSOP Circuit cashes to date. Daniel Negreanu is fourth with 242 points. For the Brazilian, Yuri Martins reached 86th in Saturday’s ITM rankings.

Felipe Mojave Enters Event #90 Prize Pool, Becomes...

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as they think they do.

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as...

While many dream of the coveted Main Event bracelet, others aim to become regulars at the high-stakes game – or High Roller tournaments. However, the latter contains a fact that is rarely talked about.

When you see players at high-stakes tables, you tend to think of two things: either they have as much money as their bankroll will allow, or they bet A significant portion of their net worth. According to professional gamer Matthew Hunt, neither of these is usually true.

Matthew Hunt at the WSOP a few years ago.

The Brit does some calculations with a variance calculator to figure out how much bankroll he would need to win at the $500/USD game. Comfortable $1,000 cash games with 250 BB chips or $250,000 tournaments. For the former, the cost is about $6 million, and for tournaments, it can be as high as $12 million, depending on how many of these events you want to play along the way Year.

“If you see a player at a $500/$1,000 blinds table, chances are the big blind means a lot less to them than to the average person ; but that’s also highly unlikely.” Meaningless. In fact, the only players who have no sense for the money tend to be casual players who make a lot of money outside of poker and just enjoy the game as a fun pastime. ”

According to hunting by almost anyone proficient in money management, they will sell most games when playing high-stakes games. Pros are less Possibly showing off his full skill set on the tournament floor with an average six-figure buy-in. He claims to have heard the story of a former Super High Roller Bowl winner who was only 6% when he won.

At this point, he concluded by saying: Nobody has as much money in the high stakes as they think, but that doesn’t make the The level of skill and mental toughness required to compete at this level; it just means players are applying slightly different skills, and “You should be doing the same thing regardless of the stakes you play. “

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as...

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builde...

The domestic fans once again achieved impressive results in the online high-roller competition. Alvaro Pinheiro is one knockout away from winning the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. The owner of the writeUrstory account came in second out of 118 entrants and took home $9,533 in funding. Peter “pitaoufmg” Patrício retired in fourth place and took home $5,303.

In the tiebreaker of the $22 Mini Sunday Million, Fernando was “VC VEM!!!” Araújo won the silver medal and $8,894.

He was eliminated in the $1,050 Monday 6-Max High Roller event. Diego “Dih21” Costa took home $8,582 heads-up.

Diogo “khalifaman00” Brombim took home $7,133 for shouting during the $530 daily cooldown. There are 36 participants in the Championship.

Also on the site, Alysson “Brunopoker94” Bruno took the podium in the $109 Fenomeno for $5,993.

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeBounty Builder $33 “rbmrenato” 1st Place $5,847 $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “MatPolicarpo” ” 3. $5,744 Bounty Builder $44 “GUIDAASCANIO” 1. $5,325

Alvaro Pinheiro Finishes 2nd in $530 Bounty Builde...

LAPT Montevideo: there is one seat per day in the super satellites

LAPT Montevideo: there is one seat per day in supe...

LATIN AMERICAN POKER TOURLAPT Montevideo: Super Satellites One Seat per Day Four $200 satellites this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will take place at the LAPT Montevideo Main Event Before the game.

LAPT Montevideo:hay un asiato por day en los super satellites

LAPT Montevideo Just around the corner, and in the days leading up to it, several seats will be allocated for one of the most important festivals in the region .

After a lapse of seven years, the Latin American Poker Tour returned to Rio de Janeiro , and the second stop is preparing to land in Uruguay. The schedule is 20 games to be held from April 28 to May 2 .

Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco Hotel & Spa All action at the tables will be held and a series of Super Satellites will be offered, taking place this Friday, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th, with one entry guaranteed each day for the Main Event .

Daily events start at 8:00pm The buy-in is $200 , the starting chip stack is 30,000 chips, and play lasts over 20 minutes .

The Main Event will start next Friday the 28th with Day 1A and Saturday the 29th with Day 1B , both $1,500 buy-in , 50,000 starting stacks, 50-minute blinds, and then sign up Level 9 game.

LAPT Montevideo: there is one seat per day in supe...

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