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Martin Zamani receives all of the tinsel available at the end of the US Poker Open.

The last act of the US Poker Open seems to be planned to allow one of the only six players in attendance to go in style.

Four of the six competitors hoped to not only win the $666,000 champion’s prize, but also a second trophy and $50,000 as champions of the festival’s points standings. Except for Justin Bonomo and Nick Petrangelo, the whole table.

Chipleader Justin Bonomo didn’t waste any time establishing his supremacy on an accessible table because to his large effective stack. Shortstacks were being cornered, and rerolling stacks were soon visible.

Chris Brewer was the first to attempt to improve his luck, making a standard SB defensive with an ace, which locks up majority of the high range on the button and retains at least 30% equity against the remainder, but Zamani was holding AA.

The most susceptible target was Dan Smith and his 21bb. A JJ vs. QQ scenario put him against Zamani, who lost the lead on the flop with a J but escaped Smith’s back-to-back with a runner-runner straight.

The event continued repeating itself, and this time it was Jeremy Ausmus who was the target. The November Nine, on the other hand, was able to wiggle away of his pursuers and return to the safety of the flock with a double. Ausmus’ short-stack strategy kept him alive until fourth-place finisher Justin Bonomo’s demise was confirmed.

The leadership of the table had moved to Martin Zamani, the originator of all the eliminations, but he doubled his two opponents and the game continued for another hour. That did not affect the predictable outcome. At the following chance, the community aided Zamani, who ejected Ausmus and Petrangelo in that order, much to the dismay of Ren Lin, who had not earned the right to defend his first-place overall finish in person.

There will be no further events on the PokerGO Tour until the inaugural World Series of Poker High Roller on May 30.

Until then, the title of most outstanding player on the tour will go to Cary Katz, who surpassed the Spanish Lautaro Guerra by a mere 11 points with his latest USPO cash.

A Thai man won the lottery using the GPT chat room

thailand lottery winners

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that can communicate with humans in real time. It also has features for writing poems, creating text content, finding code errors, and more.

The Universal Bot came out in 2022 and has been wildly popular since. There is a lot of content related to chatting on the web. But Pattavikorn Bunirn surpassed many: He successfully won the lottery using a chatbot.

win lottery

A new viral video has surfaced on Tik-Tok: a man from Thailand wins the lottery using a GPT chatbot to give his numbers. But before that, he asked the system a few questions, and then gave the numbers he had drawn in the past few years.

The chat room responded by asking Pattavikorn to bet on the numbers 57, 27, 29 and 99. The Thai picked this one and won, but for a fairly limited amount: $59. Still, the video was popular, with many hoping to win the lottery with the help of artificial intelligence.

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How did the bots in the GPT chat room react to the news that the man had won? Pattavikorn Bunirn said in an interview with the news channel:

“After I won, I went back to the chat room to share my joy with the AI. The robot replied that winning the lottery is 100% dependent on luck and that I shouldn’t get too attached to my research. He also said it’s better to go out and do something useful things like exercise.

However, Bunrin said the Thai said he would continue to use GPT chat to pick numbers for the lottery. If he succeeds, lottery organizers are in danger.

Sunday Storm on PokerStars

PokerStars' Sunday Storm

PokerStars, one of the undisputed leaders in the online poker industry, has decided to spark interest in the next Sunday Storm $11 Anniversary tournament.

The 12th anniversary event will start on April 16 at 21:05 Kiev time. The 12th anniversary event of the Sunday Storm has a seven-fold guarantee of $700,000.

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The tournament itself will be in a progressive knockout format, 280 minutes after registration. But that’s not all.You can also enter this event at a discount thanks to satellites totaling $75,000

sunday storm

There are several ways to get into tournaments cheaper. The first is cheap, the second is even cheaper, and the third is completely free.

These are Super Satellites and Freebie Satellites and Spin & Go Qualifiers. Two $1.10 Super Satellites on April 9th ​​and 15th guarantee 500 seats into Sunday’s Storm event.

These large satellites are available every two hours through the PokerStars Lobby Freerolls. The final method is the Spin & Go Qualifying Satellite, where players pay $0.50. From which you can win tickets to Target tournaments. Good luck to everyone.

Selbst has joined the WSOP Thrill Ambassador Team

Ванесса Селбст 2022

Vanessa Selbst announced her retirement from big tournament poker in 2018. Since then, one of the finest poker players in the world has only appeared in a few individual live events. Vanessa was then honored into the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame in 2022.

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Selbst reappeared in the news streams the other day. The three-time WSOP bracelet winner’s retirement intentions have shifted slightly:

“You can stop playing poker, but I don’t think it will ever leave your life.” “It’s a game I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” Selbst said.

In this context, the girl joined the WSOP Thrill Team. Patrick Antonius, Espen Jorstad, Adam Hendrisk, Samantha Abernathy, and Landon Theis are among the ambassadors. As a member of this team, Selbst will be present on the WSOP poker app, giving everyone in the room the opportunity to meet the legend at the same table.

Vanessa has also stated her goal to compete in the WSOP 2023 in Las Vegas. The poker player claimed in an interview with a poker site that she was only seeking for a cause to return. Well, that’s a pretty solid explanation, and we’ll see whether Selbst hasn’t lost her abilities over the summer.

Summary of all the happenings in the world of virtual wipes

Everything happening on the virtual garments

Players like Javier Swett came out on top throughout the greatest day of play. The Chilean wasn’t the only player to work hard and play fairly in the competitions.

Our grinder used the new best day to leave his mark, win several championships, and wrap out a successful session.

Amado Carrillo took first place and US$8,068 in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Encore $54 tournament. Next up was Peruvian grinder Javier Ofbravetight Swett, who took down the $215 Fat Sunday for $3,210.

The Larger 22 was won by Flavio FlaviOx00 Hidalgo for 2,306 greenbacks, while the Hotter 5.50 was won by skullhorse for $1,118. Once easyrb won the Bounty Builder 16.50 for US$3,574, he deposited that amount into his account, and tarantino1111 won the Hotter 16.50 for 1,082 green.

Added rewards from the hopper:

tavo12345 Gustavo Second place in the Hotter 33 (US$2,078) goes to Aguilera.

Placed third in the $1,990 MAXelODIOSO Hotter 109 PKO

Larger 55 Champion by AceNica ($1,423)

Third place in the Bounty Hunters Deepstack Turbo for $21.60 ($1,381) and an ONTPOFHMNTAIN.

Hotter Hyper $82 ($1,031) runner-up AS3982

Tabletop emotions and their ability to distract

Emotions at the dinner table and their ability to distract

Recent research by Jared Tendler has shown that emotional factors are essential for optimal focus.

Emotions, according to some psychologists, are the driving force behind human behavior, and this notion becomes crucial at poker tables, where emotions may influence wins and loses.

On the other hand, some emotional states result in actions, and they might lead to distractions while making judgments in a critical situation, which could lose the player a tournament or a large prize pot.

Recently, one of the most known mental trainers in the field, Jared Tendler, tackled this issue and said that you may train your focus to be less susceptible to being dragged in by emotions.

“Before beginning focus training, you must ensure that your emotions are not the primary source of distraction. Fear, rage, overconfidence, or a lack of confidence might interfere with focus. If you are easily distracted, you should first assess the severity of your emotions.”

The so-called Yerkes-Dodson Law, which outlines the link between emotion and performance, may be applied to poker, according to him. When emotions are too high or low, it is impossible to reach peak performance.

“If your emotions are excessively severe, you must discover and correct the underlying problem that is causing them. Fear might lead to compulsive Twitter checking or lobby searching for a better game. Overconfidence may lead to boredom and lack of concentration. To be able to concentrate better in that situation, you must first minimize that feeling. Sometimes this is sufficient, but other times you must also retrain your mind.”

Tendler reminds us that the ability to detect and manage emotions is simply the first stage; after you’ve worked on them and seen improvement, it’s time to focus on concentration.

“Strengthening your focus might be compared to exercising your muscles. Initially, you must evaluate your present skills. Examine how you keep attention, how often distractions occur, how fast you recover after a distraction, and how many, when, and for how long you take breaks. After you have determined where you are, you may begin training.”

Michel Antunes has been declared the winner of the Sunday Million.

Brazil still holds the title for the Sunday Million. After competing against 10,716 other players, Michael Antunes became victorious in the Bounty Builder Series installment of the event. The winner, user “michel-mica-,” took home $82,694 in prize money.

“juninnr8” was also included in the final version. The Brazilian’s 7-handed session ended badly as he lost 52 large blinds in a pot. While “viandot” bet the minimum, “juninnr8” called with KQ and protected the huge. On the flip, “juninnr8” checked to his opponent who was betting, and he then called his opponent’s bets on the turn with the K. A river 8 saw the Estonian grinder make a bluff all-in. Once “juninnr8” chose a check-raise, “viandot” paid with KK.

Immediately after that, “juninnr8” lost against “viandot’s” AK with a 43 hand.

Michael, in turn, used the deck to his advantage to claim the “spr32900” prize. He went all in preflop with A3 against the European’s AJ. The river 3 eliminated the short stack with its brutality.

“viandot” was Michel’s next mark. As a result of his limp, his opponent in the three-handed game saw him rise to 18,000,000. With his stack of 23 bbs, “viandot” moved them to the middle of the table. The phone rang, and Michel sat down at the table with the letter combination AQ. Against A8 and K10Q6K, “viandot” had no chance.

Michel entered heads-up play with a 2:1 chip advantage and defeated “steven2188” in 17 hands. He openly shoved the German on the last play, and the latter called him. Michel was not shocked to see 4Q587 ahead of A6 versus K9.

The Sunday Million attracted 10,716 entries at $109 each and paid out $1,071,600 to 1,711 winners. Amounts awarded to the finalists are as follows:

1. Michel “michel-mica-” Antunes (Brazil) $82,694 

2. “steven2188” (Germany) $65,506

3. “viandot” (Estonia) $46,929

4. “ponyatko” (Montenegro) $34,450

5. “DaLuckyStrike” (Malta) $21,222

6. “spr32900” (Montenegro) $14,669

7. “juninnr8” (Brazil) $14,798

8. “AliasGhost” (Thailand) $8,229

9. “GR0ßGLOCKNER” (Austria) $6,810

Heads-up poker | Hu cash table locations in 2023

In recent years, Heads-Up Cache has had tough times in online poker. Despite this, it is difficult to describe as a “defunct” format. This essay will explain where and at what restrictions you may still find action and play HU.

Хедз ап покер: лучшие покер-румы для HU

Best Poker Rooms for HU

Since the one-on-one game in cache is now not very popular, and many rooms have simply deleted tables of this format from their customers, we have compiled a list of almost all sites that still provide action in this sort of poker.


The biggest mobile poker room is currently almost the only location to play “heads-up” poker (if you exclude programs such as ClubGG). Although PPPoker is extremely different from traditional poker sites (club structure, mobile app play, crypto transfers through agent), the availability of high traffic and rakeback offers overcomes all of its characteristics.

There is activity in the HU cache in five of the clubs on our website. In addition, we are discussing not just Hold’em tables but also several Omaha variations. Typically, the latter get more activity.

The range of possible wagers is $0.01/$0.02 to $10/$20. Typically, the most costly limitations are in PLO.

RedStar Poker.

In the client of the network’s flagship iPoker room, there is a vast selection of HU-cache limits, although the game often takes place at many tables between NL20€ and NL400€.

To locate a rival for higher stakes, you must continually check the lobby and “compete” with other pros for the opportunity to play with an amateur. Nonetheless, this strategy applies to all heads-up cash roums.

RedStar is the only room on our list where external HUD may be used without issue. 35% is the set rakeback for our gamers.


Under the Stretch network’s Ukrainian skin’s loyalty program, rakeback percentages range from 5% to 60%. True, the highest of these tiers are unlikely to be accessible to local HU-queue players.

Heads-up traffic is often only focused at a few tables with limits between NL50€ and NL400€ in the evening. There may be multiple unfinished 6-max tables with just two active players in the lobby, so if you begin the game in this format, there is a risk of playing one-on-one.


It is premature to bury HU cash. Even if the situation has altered drastically over the last few years, it is still feasible to locate tables with the largest stakes and chips. Trusting a reputable affiliate to handle the difficulty of choosing a suitable game is more important than getting caught up on the conventional possibilities.

Contact our management for all information on the games in these rooms.





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HU cash


face-down poker


finest poker rooms

In the Main Event, Gabrenja and Santi took the lead.

URUGUAY TURNAMENT The leaders of the Main Event are SGabrenja and Santi.

Eighty players qualified after the first two raises, with Matthias holding a share of the lead on Day 2. On Day 1B, Eduardo got his entry and joined the group of leaders. Day 1C will begin at noon and Day 1D will begin in the afternoon.

Gabrenja y Santi se adelantaron en el Main Event

The WSOP Uruguay Main Event, held at Enjoy Punta del Este with support from GGPoker, has already completed its first two qualifying rounds, with Matias Gabrenja holding a partial lead. The first two races drew 241 entries, with 80 entrants and the Argentinian earning $287,000 and finishing first.

The reigning world champion, Damian Salas, took part in Day 1B and came out ahead with a healthy stack.

On the first of the two starting days, only 25 of the 80 competitors were able to make the packet after 12 40-minute stages.

Also entering the tournament were Fabio Colonese, Jose Severino, Esteban Gomez, Leonel Otazo, Francisco Benitez, Gonzalo Garcia, Santiago Marin and Yoshiaki Paco Nagaki.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Main Event.

The field consisted of 152 buy-ins at the close of late registration for the second round, which was delayed by an hour to watch Argentina defeat Australia. Only 55 people qualified, and Eduardo Santi was the most qualified.

The Argentine player finished third with 210,600 chips. In addition to Santi, the following players qualified for the tournament: event heavyweight Damian Salas, Event #3 champion Pablo Andreu, Carlos Camargo, Assad Kamran, Franco Vizzotto, Vlad Lache, Gustavo Morales, Martin Cus and Julio Chia.

Day 1C will begin at 12 noon and will include both new entrants and repeat competitors. The latter group consists of people who are not easy to beat: Diego Ventura, Connie Lampropoulos, Bruno Alava, Cristian Sampaoli, Rodrigo Delgado and Juan Bonjour. CodigoPoker offers comprehensive coverage of each activity.

Andrew Wilson won the WPT RRPO 2022 tournament.

Andrew Wilson of England is the new World Poker Tour champion after winning the Rock N’ Roll Poker Open 2022 at the Hard Rock Casino Seminole in Hollywood from November 25 to November 30.

The entry fee for the event was $3,500, and the total prize pool was $4,920,800. There were five Latinos among the 193 winning players: the Venezuelan Dorian Ros Pavón (121st, US$ 6,750), the Argentine Lionel Saban (111th, US$ 7,300), the Venezuelan Miguel Capriles (61st, US$ 12,450), the Brazilian Marcos Exterkotter (57th, US$ 12,450), and the Venezuelan Giuseppe Iadisernia (49th, US$ 14,200).

Two WPT winners reached the final table: Brian Altman (three trophies) and Chad Eveslage (two trophies), but neither was able to win a third championship. Chad earned u$s 390,000 for his third-place performance and ascended to the top of the Season 2022 standings, while Brian earned u$s 290,000 for his fourth-place result.

The champion’s trophy was awarded to Englishman Andrew Wilson, who held the chip lead throughout the tournament. He became a member of the WPT Champions Club and earned the largest reward of his career: $785,800. He also secured a seat to the December WPT World Championship at the Wynn.

The final table was defined as follows:

󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧&#917631> – $785,800

Joshua Kay 🇺🇸 – u$s 525.000

Chad Eveslgage – $390,000.00 USD

Brian Altman 🇺🇸 – u$s 290.000

Gediminas Uselis 🇱🇹 – u$s 219.000

  1. Robel Andemichael 🇺🇸 – u$s 167.000

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Additional events for the WPT season of 2022:

Five Diamond World Poker Classic > Chad Eveslage \sWPT Australia > David Tang \sWPT Venetian > Robert Mizrachi \sWPT Prime Madrid > Oleksii Koiev \sWPT Seminole Hard Rock Tampa > Corey Wade

The WPT Legends of Poker champion is Joshua Pollock.

WPT Choctaw > Chance Kornuth WPT Choctaw > David Erquiaga

The concluding tournament of the year will be the WPT World Championship, which will cost u$s 10,400 and will feature a record guaranteed prize pool of u$s 15,000,000. Pokerlogia will be onsite to cover the event and provide daily recaps on our website and social media channels. is the source for all images.

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