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Summary of all the happenings in the world of virtual wipes

Everything happening on the virtual garments

Players like Javier Swett came out on top throughout the greatest day of play. The Chilean wasn’t the only player to work hard and play fairly in the competitions.

Our grinder used the new best day to leave his mark, win several championships, and wrap out a successful session.

Amado Carrillo took first place and US$8,068 in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Encore $54 tournament. Next up was Peruvian grinder Javier Ofbravetight Swett, who took down the $215 Fat Sunday for $3,210.

The Larger 22 was won by Flavio FlaviOx00 Hidalgo for 2,306 greenbacks, while the Hotter 5.50 was won by skullhorse for $1,118. Once easyrb won the Bounty Builder 16.50 for US$3,574, he deposited that amount into his account, and tarantino1111 won the Hotter 16.50 for 1,082 green.

Added rewards from the hopper:

tavo12345 Gustavo Second place in the Hotter 33 (US$2,078) goes to Aguilera.

Placed third in the $1,990 MAXelODIOSO Hotter 109 PKO

Larger 55 Champion by AceNica ($1,423)

Third place in the Bounty Hunters Deepstack Turbo for $21.60 ($1,381) and an ONTPOFHMNTAIN.

Hotter Hyper $82 ($1,031) runner-up AS3982

Tabletop emotions and their ability to distract

Emotions at the dinner table and their ability to distract

Recent research by Jared Tendler has shown that emotional factors are essential for optimal focus.

Emotions, according to some psychologists, are the driving force behind human behavior, and this notion becomes crucial at poker tables, where emotions may influence wins and loses.

On the other hand, some emotional states result in actions, and they might lead to distractions while making judgments in a critical situation, which could lose the player a tournament or a large prize pot.

Recently, one of the most known mental trainers in the field, Jared Tendler, tackled this issue and said that you may train your focus to be less susceptible to being dragged in by emotions.

“Before beginning focus training, you must ensure that your emotions are not the primary source of distraction. Fear, rage, overconfidence, or a lack of confidence might interfere with focus. If you are easily distracted, you should first assess the severity of your emotions.”

The so-called Yerkes-Dodson Law, which outlines the link between emotion and performance, may be applied to poker, according to him. When emotions are too high or low, it is impossible to reach peak performance.

“If your emotions are excessively severe, you must discover and correct the underlying problem that is causing them. Fear might lead to compulsive Twitter checking or lobby searching for a better game. Overconfidence may lead to boredom and lack of concentration. To be able to concentrate better in that situation, you must first minimize that feeling. Sometimes this is sufficient, but other times you must also retrain your mind.”

Tendler reminds us that the ability to detect and manage emotions is simply the first stage; after you’ve worked on them and seen improvement, it’s time to focus on concentration.

“Strengthening your focus might be compared to exercising your muscles. Initially, you must evaluate your present skills. Examine how you keep attention, how often distractions occur, how fast you recover after a distraction, and how many, when, and for how long you take breaks. After you have determined where you are, you may begin training.”

Michel Antunes has been declared the winner of the Sunday Million.

Brazil still holds the title for the Sunday Million. After competing against 10,716 other players, Michael Antunes became victorious in the Bounty Builder Series installment of the event. The winner, user “michel-mica-,” took home $82,694 in prize money.

“juninnr8” was also included in the final version. The Brazilian’s 7-handed session ended badly as he lost 52 large blinds in a pot. While “viandot” bet the minimum, “juninnr8” called with KQ and protected the huge. On the flip, “juninnr8” checked to his opponent who was betting, and he then called his opponent’s bets on the turn with the K. A river 8 saw the Estonian grinder make a bluff all-in. Once “juninnr8” chose a check-raise, “viandot” paid with KK.

Immediately after that, “juninnr8” lost against “viandot’s” AK with a 43 hand.

Michael, in turn, used the deck to his advantage to claim the “spr32900” prize. He went all in preflop with A3 against the European’s AJ. The river 3 eliminated the short stack with its brutality.

“viandot” was Michel’s next mark. As a result of his limp, his opponent in the three-handed game saw him rise to 18,000,000. With his stack of 23 bbs, “viandot” moved them to the middle of the table. The phone rang, and Michel sat down at the table with the letter combination AQ. Against A8 and K10Q6K, “viandot” had no chance.

Michel entered heads-up play with a 2:1 chip advantage and defeated “steven2188” in 17 hands. He openly shoved the German on the last play, and the latter called him. Michel was not shocked to see 4Q587 ahead of A6 versus K9.

The Sunday Million attracted 10,716 entries at $109 each and paid out $1,071,600 to 1,711 winners. Amounts awarded to the finalists are as follows:

1. Michel “michel-mica-” Antunes (Brazil) $82,694 

2. “steven2188” (Germany) $65,506

3. “viandot” (Estonia) $46,929

4. “ponyatko” (Montenegro) $34,450

5. “DaLuckyStrike” (Malta) $21,222

6. “spr32900” (Montenegro) $14,669

7. “juninnr8” (Brazil) $14,798

8. “AliasGhost” (Thailand) $8,229

9. “GR0ßGLOCKNER” (Austria) $6,810

Heads-up poker | Hu cash table locations in 2023

In recent years, Heads-Up Cache has had tough times in online poker. Despite this, it is difficult to describe as a “defunct” format. This essay will explain where and at what restrictions you may still find action and play HU.

Хедз ап покер: лучшие покер-румы для HU

Best Poker Rooms for HU

Since the one-on-one game in cache is now not very popular, and many rooms have simply deleted tables of this format from their customers, we have compiled a list of almost all sites that still provide action in this sort of poker.


The biggest mobile poker room is currently almost the only location to play “heads-up” poker (if you exclude programs such as ClubGG). Although PPPoker is extremely different from traditional poker sites (club structure, mobile app play, crypto transfers through agent), the availability of high traffic and rakeback offers overcomes all of its characteristics.

There is activity in the HU cache in five of the clubs on our website. In addition, we are discussing not just Hold’em tables but also several Omaha variations. Typically, the latter get more activity.

The range of possible wagers is $0.01/$0.02 to $10/$20. Typically, the most costly limitations are in PLO.

RedStar Poker.

In the client of the network’s flagship iPoker room, there is a vast selection of HU-cache limits, although the game often takes place at many tables between NL20€ and NL400€.

To locate a rival for higher stakes, you must continually check the lobby and “compete” with other pros for the opportunity to play with an amateur. Nonetheless, this strategy applies to all heads-up cash roums.

RedStar is the only room on our list where external HUD may be used without issue. 35% is the set rakeback for our gamers.


Under the Stretch network’s Ukrainian skin’s loyalty program, rakeback percentages range from 5% to 60%. True, the highest of these tiers are unlikely to be accessible to local HU-queue players.

Heads-up traffic is often only focused at a few tables with limits between NL50€ and NL400€ in the evening. There may be multiple unfinished 6-max tables with just two active players in the lobby, so if you begin the game in this format, there is a risk of playing one-on-one.


It is premature to bury HU cash. Even if the situation has altered drastically over the last few years, it is still feasible to locate tables with the largest stakes and chips. Trusting a reputable affiliate to handle the difficulty of choosing a suitable game is more important than getting caught up on the conventional possibilities.

Contact our management for all information on the games in these rooms.





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HU cash


face-down poker


finest poker rooms

In the Main Event, Gabrenja and Santi took the lead.

URUGUAY TURNAMENT The leaders of the Main Event are SGabrenja and Santi.

Eighty players qualified after the first two raises, with Matthias holding a share of the lead on Day 2. On Day 1B, Eduardo got his entry and joined the group of leaders. Day 1C will begin at noon and Day 1D will begin in the afternoon.

Gabrenja y Santi se adelantaron en el Main Event

The WSOP Uruguay Main Event, held at Enjoy Punta del Este with support from GGPoker, has already completed its first two qualifying rounds, with Matias Gabrenja holding a partial lead. The first two races drew 241 entries, with 80 entrants and the Argentinian earning $287,000 and finishing first.

The reigning world champion, Damian Salas, took part in Day 1B and came out ahead with a healthy stack.

On the first of the two starting days, only 25 of the 80 competitors were able to make the packet after 12 40-minute stages.

Also entering the tournament were Fabio Colonese, Jose Severino, Esteban Gomez, Leonel Otazo, Francisco Benitez, Gonzalo Garcia, Santiago Marin and Yoshiaki Paco Nagaki.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Main Event.

The field consisted of 152 buy-ins at the close of late registration for the second round, which was delayed by an hour to watch Argentina defeat Australia. Only 55 people qualified, and Eduardo Santi was the most qualified.

The Argentine player finished third with 210,600 chips. In addition to Santi, the following players qualified for the tournament: event heavyweight Damian Salas, Event #3 champion Pablo Andreu, Carlos Camargo, Assad Kamran, Franco Vizzotto, Vlad Lache, Gustavo Morales, Martin Cus and Julio Chia.

Day 1C will begin at 12 noon and will include both new entrants and repeat competitors. The latter group consists of people who are not easy to beat: Diego Ventura, Connie Lampropoulos, Bruno Alava, Cristian Sampaoli, Rodrigo Delgado and Juan Bonjour. CodigoPoker offers comprehensive coverage of each activity.

Andrew Wilson won the WPT RRPO 2022 tournament.

Andrew Wilson of England is the new World Poker Tour champion after winning the Rock N’ Roll Poker Open 2022 at the Hard Rock Casino Seminole in Hollywood from November 25 to November 30.

The entry fee for the event was $3,500, and the total prize pool was $4,920,800. There were five Latinos among the 193 winning players: the Venezuelan Dorian Ros Pavón (121st, US$ 6,750), the Argentine Lionel Saban (111th, US$ 7,300), the Venezuelan Miguel Capriles (61st, US$ 12,450), the Brazilian Marcos Exterkotter (57th, US$ 12,450), and the Venezuelan Giuseppe Iadisernia (49th, US$ 14,200).

Two WPT winners reached the final table: Brian Altman (three trophies) and Chad Eveslage (two trophies), but neither was able to win a third championship. Chad earned u$s 390,000 for his third-place performance and ascended to the top of the Season 2022 standings, while Brian earned u$s 290,000 for his fourth-place result.

The champion’s trophy was awarded to Englishman Andrew Wilson, who held the chip lead throughout the tournament. He became a member of the WPT Champions Club and earned the largest reward of his career: $785,800. He also secured a seat to the December WPT World Championship at the Wynn.

The final table was defined as follows:

󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧&#917631> – $785,800

Joshua Kay 🇺🇸 – u$s 525.000

Chad Eveslgage – $390,000.00 USD

Brian Altman 🇺🇸 – u$s 290.000

Gediminas Uselis 🇱🇹 – u$s 219.000

  1. Robel Andemichael 🇺🇸 – u$s 167.000

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Additional events for the WPT season of 2022:

Five Diamond World Poker Classic > Chad Eveslage \sWPT Australia > David Tang \sWPT Venetian > Robert Mizrachi \sWPT Prime Madrid > Oleksii Koiev \sWPT Seminole Hard Rock Tampa > Corey Wade

The WPT Legends of Poker champion is Joshua Pollock.

WPT Choctaw > Chance Kornuth WPT Choctaw > David Erquiaga

The concluding tournament of the year will be the WPT World Championship, which will cost u$s 10,400 and will feature a record guaranteed prize pool of u$s 15,000,000. Pokerlogia will be onsite to cover the event and provide daily recaps on our website and social media channels. is the source for all images.

Cash-game traffic on the GGPoker network exceeds that of its closest rivals combined.

A few days ago, Poker Industry PRO writer Nick Jones tweeted an intriguing infographic depicting the increase of cash traffic on the GGPoker network. The graph illustrates how traffic on this network has consistently increased over the previous three years, while the number of rivals has decreased.

трафик GGPoker

What inferences may be made from this?

Significant developments in online poker traffic

Three things are remarkable:

By August 2022, GGPoker’s traffic almost reached the aggregate traffic of all rooms and surpassed that of its five closest rivals.

Three years ago, the number of players at the GGPoker cash tables was small, but today the network dominates, leaving every single room, including longtime leader PokerStars, in the dust.

Unlike its rivals, GG network traffic is little influenced by seasonal changes.

Comparing GGPoker traffic to that of PokerStars and other sites

In July 2022, GGPoker broke its own record for average weekly cash players by surpassing 7,000. (it peaked at 9,800). In the near future, there will be even more participants on GG when the new WSOP Online series starts.

Consequently, PokerStars traffic soon before shattered the 2006 low and established an anti-record of 3,300 concurrent players. Midway through August, there had been no substantial reversal: the site currently had an average of 3,900 users.

According to GameIntel, GG’s cash tables had an average of 6,839 players in July, representing 46% of the global online poker industry. PokerStars was never able to recoup from its departure from Russia: in July, the average cash traffic was just over 3,700 players, or about a fourth of the market. The percentage of the remaining rooms was 30%:

iPoker – 1,145 players

partypoker – 606 888poker – 578 WPN – 575 Chico – 550 Pokerdom – 525

How PokerStars and GGPoker battled for the lead in 2021 and what we may anticipate from them in 2022

What is GGPoker’s secret to success?

There are several explanations behind GG’s dominating position, but the following are the most significant:

The availability of all limits, from NL2 to NL5K in hold’em and from PL2 to PL5K in 4-card and 5-card Omaha, around the clock. The network also offers high-stakes games up to NL/PL200K.

Major series, both WSOP-branded and new, that generate a great deal of international visitors.

The withdrawal of PokerStars from Russia and other significant markets.

Recruiting distinguished ambassadors, such as Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holtz, and Jason Kuhn.

Generous discounts.

In the next year or two, GGPoker’s dominance is not anticipated to be seriously challenged, but in the near future, both current roums and newcomers like as WPT Global may surge.

Twitch will prohibit the broadcasting of internet gambling beginning October 18. How will this effect streaming poker?

Twitch, a popular poker streaming network, stated on October 18 that it would prohibit gambling broadcasts. Why did this occur, and will the ban have an impact on poker?

Why does Twitch prohibit gambling streams?

Twitch has already examined gambling broadcasts indirectly. In August 2021, the network will prohibit streamers from publishing direct links and referral codes to online casinos, even in recordings of earlier broadcasts.

Despite the lack of connections, broadcasters continued to make millions of dollars through advertising partnerships with casinos and royalties from Twitch itself. AdinRoss was the highest-paid casino streamer as of last autumn, receiving $1,850,000 from the site between August 2019 and October 2021 and receiving $1,600,000 each month from advertisers. The number of subscribers to the Slots hashtag on the platform increased from 800,000 to 1,100,000 over the last year.

Hackers breached Twitch and disclosed the profits of poker broadcasters.

This week, a big controversy broke in the community when it was discovered that ItsSlikeR, a prominent English-language streamer (430,000 followers), had been defrauding his colleagues for a year by borrowing around $300,000 from them and using the funds to place bets on sportsbooks. He informed his victims that his bank account had been suspended and that he was unable to pay for basic expenditures. Without receiving their money back, the streamers who had been cheated decided to publicize the tale.

As a consequence, the leading content creators on Twitch demanded a ban on gambling-related broadcasting and even threatened to go on strike during Catholic Christmas.

Poker players must stand for poker.

The poker community and renowned poker broadcasters are concerned about the issue. Several of them opposed associating poker with other forms of gambling. Poker on Twitch must be acknowledged as a game of skill, argued PokerStars ambassador Lex Veldhus. – My concern is that if Twitch prohibits gambling, no one will investigate, and poker broadcasters will also be removed.”

Kevin Martin, a GGPoker streamer, made a similar point: “We must defend poker and poker streamers because it’s an intellectual sport.” And partypoker salesperson Jamie Staples created a video in which he attempted to explain to the general public how poker differs from slot machines and other casino games.

And for those who may be unfamiliar with gambling and the distinction between poker and other casino games, here is a straightforward explanation:

– Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples) September 19, 2022

Brief retelling:

In poker, we compete against one another, not the machine or the dealer. Very few professionals play the game, although beginners may also enjoy it. They are intrigued by the chance to compete with others, devise their own strategy, and achieve success via their own intelligence. There is no comparison between poker and slot machines, where you play against an algorithm that returns 97-98% at best and has a large variation.

Twitch will prohibit broadcasting gambling from October 18, 2022.

Twitch responded swiftly: on September 20, the site published new content regulations that would take effect on October 18:

Twitch покер

On that day, you will no longer be allowed to broadcast a game on gambling sites that are not regulated in the United States or other countries with adequate player protection regulations. Included on the list of games are slots, roulette, and craps.

The prohibition will not have any effect on poker.

Twitch emphasized in its news statement that broadcasting poker, sports betting, and fantasy sports would continue to be permitted. Ironically, the ItsSlikeR streamer who sparked the whole issue won $300,000 from bookies alone and not from casinos.

The poker community and the streamers themselves felt comfort at the news that the poker streaming are secure. In the near future, Twitch’s management pledges to provide further information on the announced ban on gambling.

Due to the DDoS assault on PokerStars, the WCOOP main event has been delayed until November.

PokerStars admitted the DDoS assault on their servers a few hours after a large-scale failure halted dozens of events, including three WCOOP major event series. The series’ conclusion had to be delayed until November.

Due to a technical problem, the WCOOP final events are canceled.

Sunday, September 25, 2022 was meant to be one of PokerStars’ most significant days of the year. Three WCOOP No Limit Hold’em Main Event tournaments with varying buy-ins began that evening for $109, $1,050, and $10,300, followed by multiple WCOOP Series tournaments and several regular events.

Due to technological issues, Sunday’s majors were halted shortly after beginning. Players from across the globe were unable to play due to significant slowness and client timeouts. After an additional hour and a half, Stars tweeted that they had to cancel all current tournaments:

We recognize the significance of today in the poker schedule, so we will provide an update on future plans after today’s concerns have been rectified. (2/2)

– PokerStars (@PokerStars) September 25, 2022

We regret to inform you that we have been forced to cancel all current competitions. All award money will be allocated according to our guidelines (available here). We recognize the significance of today in the poker calendar, therefore as soon as the technical concerns are rectified, we will publish our intentions for the near future.

The message ironically included a link to the PokerStars website, which was also down at the moment.

The prize pools for WCOOP events that were terminated before to the conclusion of the late registration period were distributed on a “Roll Forward” basis.

Guarantee Cancelled; All players who were in play at the time of the stoppage get their rake back; Half of the real prize pool is allocated evenly among the remaining players; the other half is distributed by ICM based on stack size.

With this approach, it is evident that in the early stages of the competition, all active participants received about equal payments. So, FI zerodeda received the largest payout of $16,500 in the $10,300 high roller main event with 297 entrants and a prize pool of $2,970,000 (with a guarantee of $6,000,000). Some participants were not even able to repay the whole price of the buy-in, while the other two Maines only managed to recover half of the proclaimed guarantee.

PokerStars has admitted the DDoS assault against their systems.

Monday afternoon did not mark the room’s reopening after 18 hours of inactivity. Simultaneously, on PokerStars’ website, an official statement explaining the incident’s causes was published.

Our website has experienced brief difficulties due to a DDoS assault over the last 24 hours. The accounts and personal information of our clients are secure, and there are no evidence of hacking. We apologize to all impacted gamers and appreciate your patience.

The completion of WCOOP 2022 will now take place in early November.

It was crucial for PokerStars to complete the WCOOP by determining the winners of the main event, or else the poker room’s image would be at jeopardy. How did the chamber escape from this predicament?

Starzy postponed the unsuccessful WCOOP events until November 5-6, and for the players from the South European pool (France, Spain, and Portugal) for whom the DDoS-attack ruined the conclusion of the Galactic Series, the poker room will host a special tournament Sunday Million on the same days.

Due to the failure, gamers who were unable to fulfill their monthly loyalty program chores will also be paid.

Since the early 2000s, online poker has been exposed to DDoS assaults.

Websites of online gambling businesses, especially poker rooms, have been among the most frequent targets of DDoS assaults during the last two decades. Typically, ransomware attacks target poker sites at times of heavy traffic, when the loss of visitors has a disproportionately negative effect on profitability and reputation. In August 2018, hackers targeted PokerStars, partypoker, and Americas Cardroom, and on the first day of the WSOP Online in 2020, a large-scale assault struck GGPoker.

The last day of the WCOOP tournament is an ideal time for such an assault, but in recent years hackers have targeted bookies more often than poker clubs. Such occurrences sometimes occur in conjunction with large athletic events, such as the Super Bowl, the FIFA World Cup, or the March Madness tournament in American college basketball. The concept of the extortionists is to “drop” the victim’s website as much as possible and demand that the victim pay a ransom, often in untraceable cryptocurrencies.

However, operators often refuse to pay, which is appropriate. After a DDoS assault on PokerStars, Betfair, and the NETeller payment system in 2015, for instance, Interpol arrested two Eastern European hackers with ties to a much wider DDoS 4 Bitcoin organization. In the broad expanse of the Internet, such organizations continue to exist despite the failure of their structure.

Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson, from Sweden, wins the WSOP Online Main Event (+$2,793,500).

Top poker rooms conclude their big event series at the end of September. While PokerStars struggled in vain against the DDoS attack that stopped the WCOOP main event, GGPoker and partypoker successfully staged the main events of their respective autumn series.

In terms of prize pool, the WSOP Online Main Event on PokerOK was the second biggest online event in history.

The third iteration of the online version of the World Series of Poker for non-U.S. players, which was created in 2020 as a forced substitute for the WSOP during the pandemic, was conducted on the GGPoker network. In a month and a half, 131,200 participants entered 33 bracelet events, for a total prize pool of $86,100,000.

The Main Event with a buy-in of $5,000 drew 4,984 participants, resulting in a prize pool of $23,674,000, exceeding the $20 million guarantee. It was not feasible to beat the 2020 world record ($27,557,500) in the same event, but it is an improvement over the $500,000 overlay from the previous year. Nine entry days, each with a freezeout structure, contributed to this outcome.

The five largest events in the history of online poker

Tournament Poker Room Date Prize Pool Guaranteed Entries

Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson is the champion of the WSOP Online 2022 Main Event.

Swede Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson (107BB) and Finnish Samuel “€urop€an” Woosden (106BB) were the chip leaders at the final table (86BB). On PokerOK’s YouTube account, the final was televised live with Russian commentary; a tape is accessible here.

Mattsson was captain throughout the duration and never surrendered the chip lead. Woosden was thought to be his opponent in heads-up play, but he lost two major pots to a Thai amateur high roller called Kannapong Tanarratrakul in the top four (first the Finn was caught with a tiny flush, and then his sixes failed to hold up in an all-in versus AJ).

The warning lasted a half-hour and concluded with C.Darwin2 being outnumbered. In the last hand, he closed the two-way pot on the turn, and Kannapong, holding top pair and a higher flush draw, bet all three streets and called all-in on the river. Mattson won the event by calling. His online MTT wins total $27,627,871, and he ranks first on PocketFives’ all-time high-scoring list, strengthening his lead above fellow countryman Niklas “Lena900” Astridt.

Саймон «C.Darwin2» Мэттссон

Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson is a biologist.

WSOP Online Main Event Payout at the Final Table in 2022

:SE Mattsson, Simon “C.Darwin2” – $2,793,575:THE Kannapong “Sakooh” Tanarattrakul – $2,094,885:CN Feng Zhao – $1,510,941:FI Samuel “€urop€an” Wusden – $1,178,040: HU Istvan “Wohooooooooo” Briski – $883,404:CN Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi – $662,460: US Jordan “Felix Argyle” Spurlin – $496,774:GB Sprowson, Oliver “SpracesAces” – $372,530:CA $279,358 for Tim BeardOilGuy Rutherford

Preben Stokkan wins the partypoker MILLIONS Online main event (+$391,731).

The partypoker MILLIONS Online main event on the same night attracted far fewer participants: 763 players for $3,200 and a prize pool of $2,290,000. (the guarantee was also beaten, though). There were even more stars at the final, including Adrian Mateos, Ole Schemion, Jans Ahrens, and Elis Parmsinen.

Preben Stokkan of Norway, who also triumphed on PokerOK, started the final table with the largest chip stack, 187 BB. On his journey to the championship, he eliminated five opponents and defeated Parssinen in heads-up play.

Пребен СтокканПребен Стоккан

In the final hand, each player had about 100B. On the preflop, the Finnish player opened with 6d:8h, while the Norwegian player defended with 7h:5h. Before the turn:7d:5h:js Stokkan played a check-raise with two pairs and proceeded to bet on the turn (6c) and river (Qh) by placing wagers. Stokkan nearly didn’t hesitate to call Parssinen’s overbet all-in with an undrawn two-pair after Parssinen’s all-in raise with a two-pair. After that, the Finnish player had fewer than 10B remaining, which he promptly lost in preflop.

Final table payouts for the partypoker MILLIONS Online main event

:NO Preben Stokkan – $391,731:FI Alice Parssinen – $270,214:DE Ole Schemion – $186,169:MT Taco De Goede – $122,164:CA Alexander Raymond is worth $84,186. Yannick Schumacher – $65,365:AT Lars Kamphuis – $51,856:ES Adrian Mateos – $41,408:AT Jans Arends – $32,972

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