Posted: 13.09.2023

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight

The Brazilian team started the week well. During his visit to the ACR, grinder Bernardo Granato caused problems for his opponents. The “bomdias” account pilot won $10,080 for fifth place in the $215 BIG10 competition. Next up, Samba stars Lucas “SmallRock” Rocha (4th) and Wally “SunTzu1” Bruno (3rd) took home $14,500 and $19,400, respectively.

Bernardo did not stop there. Not long after, he beat his compatriot heads-up at the $215 Mega Stack. The winner took home $21,195, while the runner-up added $19,953 to the bankroll.

In the $55 BIG10 Special, Murilo “NeverWalk” Nascimento finished second out of 2,374 entrants, a feat that earned him $16,496.

“Chenkinho” also defeated 1,168 players in the $109 NL Hold’em PKO for $16,528.

In the end, “CallVeio” won the $215 NL Hold’em PKO. Bronze medal and $12,016.

Bernardo Granato has an ACR-inspired straight


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    This text discusses the success of the Brazilian team in a series of poker tournaments, highlighting the achievements of individuals like Bernardo Granato, Lucas Rocha, Wally Bruno, Murilo Nascimento, and Chenkinho. Overall, the team has performed well, with several members securing high rankings and significant cash prizes.

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