Bet&Go is a new format for PokerOK tournaments.

Long ago, rooms attempted to integrate poker games with wagers and casinos in various ways. Bet&Go tournaments at PokerOK were introduced prior to the commencement of the World Cup as a fresh effort in this way. They will be included in the room schedule prior to the beginning of important athletic events. You may discover the core of the new mechanics from this article.

Bet&Go в ПокерОК: что это такое?

Specifications of the new format

Everyone is aware that poker is not the only form of gambling in the world. There are millions of enthusiasts of betting worldwide, notably on the result of sports events. It is thus not unexpected that the rooms have always attempted to get them to sit at their tables.

Prior to the commencement of the World Cup in Qatar, PokerOK introduced a new tournament type called Bet&Go, which mixes the traditional MTT with wagers on sports event wins.

You may locate them by name in the client lobby: The tournament plate has been updated with team flags. They are not furnished with satellites. The rake percentage is 8%.

What mechanisms does Bet&Go employ?

BetAndGo перед матчем

  1. You may enter the competition by placing a buy-in for one of the teams before to the match. In addition, the donation always includes a discount, the quantity of which is determined by the odds offered by the bookmakers for each player in the match. The smaller the discount on BI, the greater the possibility of winning one of them, and vice versa. Registration is non-cancellable.Bet&Go во время матча
  2. Throughout the contest. The competition will begin simultaneously. In conjunction with the coefficients and the current outcome of the athletic event, the amount of discounts on donations also changes in real time.
  3. After the contest (only regular time counts). All participants who choose the losing team are eliminated from the competition. In the event of a tie, the number of competitors remains the same. If such a chance exists, re-entry is permitted for a complete buy-in and no longer selecting teams. The competition then proceeds according to the normal format.

The scheduling of the tournament series will correspond with those of the affiliated sporting events.

Who will go?

Obviously, Bet&Go events have a high degree of unpredictability, and entry from the beginning, even for the favored side with a tiny price reduction, does not ensure elimination at the conclusion of the match. And if you register for an MTT at the conclusion of a sports event, when the outcomes are more or less known, you will find it more difficult to “survive” owing to a shorter stack.

However, these inquiries would first bother the regulars.

Fans of Bet&Go will be able to mix poker with “cheering” for other teams, so diversifying an otherwise monotonous selection of games.

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