Posted: 31.12.2023

Bookmakers miscalculated and Daniel Neilson lost a ton of chips in the WSOP Paradise Main Event FT

Bookmakers miscalculated and Daniel Neilson lost a...

The WSOP is investigating an error made by a dealer who dealt the cards in the decider of last Thursday’s Main Event.

With just three players left vying for the $2 million prize, Daniel Neilson opened the tournament all-in with Q♥K♥5♦9 . With even fewer chips, Stanislav Zegal launched the instacall K♣Q♣. Dominated by A♠K, Neilson couldn’t find any of his three outs on the 10♣ river and saw his opponent win the pot.

When it came time to calculate Zegal’s chips, he made the bookmaker’s mistake and said Nelson had to pay 48,000,000 instead of 38,000,000. He then only has 5 BBS left, even though he was supposed to play 15 BBS.

No one at the table noticed the mistake. Neilson’s stack was accurately reported in television and print media reports, but not a single member of the team hired by the WSOP realized he didn’t have 15,200,000 chips in front of him.

Neilson said the fatal mistake cost him $116,000, according to ICM. Nielsen revealed more details about the momentous incident in an exclusive interview with PokerNews.

“I really don’t know what to say. Obviously the whole situation is a mess and I’m frustrated. When she told me his chips during the count, I asked if it was 37 or 38 million, but The dealer confirmed this and I think she was right. I made a mistake because I should have double checked but I thought so because we were in the 3 hand main event and all the cameras were on and the dealer The size of the bet was communicated to the broadcast team. When I checked the electronic spots, I didn’t expect them to make such a big mistake.

In every game, on another all-in game, the supervisor would Check the chip count. I don’t know why they didn’t follow protocol in this, the biggest pot in the entire tournament. Overall, the dealer was great and I can’t remember another mistake they made. I don’t think I’ve ever complained before dealer. However, I am surprised that they chose a very inexperienced local trader from the Bahamas to trade twice on the FT. It is not her fault as she should not have gotten into this situation, but she made a lot of mistakes, announcing the wrong bet size almost every time.”

In an interview with Australian Poker Media: Ty Stewart, WSOP executive director, said there was no way Nielsen would get a refund .

“The official position at every tournament is that once proceedings are accepted by the parties, there is no recourse.” After the game. Corrective action must be taken while the player is still involved in the incident. To my knowledge, we and no other festival in the world offer retroactive financial compensation in these circumstances. ”

Although Nelson was eliminated in third place, Zegel left the Bahamas with a coveted diamond bracelet.

Final Result

1. Stanislav Zeiger (Germany) US$2,000,000

2. Michael Sklenicka (Czech Republic) US$1,200,000

3. Daniel Nielsen ( Australia) $900,000

4. Matt Grantz (USA) $685,000

5. Rui Sousa (Portugal) $510,000

6. Gabri Al Schroeder (Brazil) $400,000

7. Montgomery McQuade (UK) $300,000

8. Luke Graham (USA) $250,000

9. Stephane Guelpa (France) $200,000

Bookmakers miscalculated and Daniel Neilson lost a...


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    The text discusses an error made by a dealer during the WSOP Main Event, resulting in a significant financial loss for Daniel Neilson. It also mentions the tournament results and highlights the WSOP’s stance on refunding players in such situations.

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