Posted: 22.06.2023

Dalton Hobold Wins Second SCOOP in Three Days

In a single challenge between the two SCOOP 2023 winners, Dalton Hobold takes the title in Event 46-H: $530 NL Hold’em (Turbo, PKO, Big Antes). podium). Runner-up Gabriel “Gremio CEM” Medeiros took home $36,579 and added $21,440 to his bankroll.

Dalton had to make his own out-of-the-box decision to stay in the running game before facing his compatriot in the decisive game. In a 6-max game, he went all-in pre-flop with Adian “pora adrian”. The Santa Catarina native ran A♦Q♣ against J♦J♠ and was saved by a 4♥Q♠2♥K♣6♥ board for a double.

The new leader, Dalton, has no hesitation. He won another coin toss in 5-max, knocking out Renan Aziz for the festive pentagram. With A♣Q♣ against Paulista’s 10♠10♥, Dalton celebrated the opening tun Q♥ beautifully. Meanwhile, Renan walked away with $7,840 in prize money.

A few games later, Dalton set out to find Rodrigo Seiji’s bounty. The second-biggest stack at the table, the 9tales member, moved all-in for 20bs when he led with 5♣5♦. Dalton then called with A♠9♦ on a board of K♦10♠10♠9♣4♥K♥. In fourth place, Seiji won $13,159.

Even though he knocked out Portugal’s Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques, Gabriel couldn’t get close to Dalton. On the fifth hand of the showdown, he called Dalton’s all-in check-raise on the 10♠8♠K♥9♦ board with K♣3♠. With J♠7♣, Dalton guaranteed a straight and a tie.


  • Bernie.baumbach

    This text describes the victory of Dalton Hobold in a poker tournament, highlighting his strategic decisions and successful hands. It also mentions the performances and prize money of other participants, ultimately emphasizing Dalton’s dominance in the game.

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