Posted: 23.03.2023

Day 6 of the PCA Bahamas saw Sergi Reixach advance to the final two tables.

Ramon Colillas

On Day 3 of the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, it is painful to consider what might have been and was not.

Three Spanish players, out of a total of 54, were at one stage in contention for a seat at the tournament’s final table. However, this won’t be the case.

Sergi Reixach never posed a concern. On two separate occasions, he was the day’s chipleader and the first player to achieve 2,000,000 points. He prudently handled the revenue without giving a shock to the train.

Elias Gutierrez and Ramon Colillas tested our affections. Elias won the money flip and established his groove in the event, advancing at a healthy rate until he was head and shoulders above the competition. Ramon was a unique case. In numerous points of the game, he had us begging for two-outers and on the edge of the razor.

As the last three tables of the tournament drew near, all three players were still engaged in combat. Colillas, with a tiny stack, moved to Elias’ table, while Sergi continued to extract savings in his Baha Mar tournament room corner, now covered by three players.

At this point, Michel Dattani of Portugal opened a hand at a table with two Spanish players. Ramon examined his cards, saw that he was dealt an A and a K, and followed the 3-betting trend by putting a yellow chip worth 5,000 points, or a quarter of a BB, on the table. Elias’ turn to 4bet a third of his stack with QQ occurred when the hand was still in the cutoff. The Portuguese went all-in against “ZeroS,” who immediately paid 50bb. Dattani had AA, with which he destroyed two-thirds of the PCA fleet ships.

Eliminated from the PCA Main Event with Ramon Colillas with QQ against AK and AA. 22nd for $51,400.

We had a fantastic time, which is all that counts.

Cold hands

– Zeros (@ZerosPoker) January 28, 2023

Our Portuguese buddy put the Spanish chips to good use, as he completed the day as the chipleader in a 16-player event. Sergi Reixach has 64bb remaining and is presently in seventh position.

Table 1

James Tolbert 1,950,000

Taylor Paur 1,195,000

Pedro Gois Neves 790,000

Alexandre Raymond 1.475 million

Allan Mello 920,000

Mauricio Ferreira Pais 800,000

Ian Matakis 1,200,000

Michel Dattani 2,900,000

Meesa 2

Giuseppe Iadisernia 1,180,000

Jamil Wakil 2,800,000

2.650,000 Mitchell Halverson Alexandros Kolonias 900,000

Artur Martirosian 2,285,000

Jonathan Little 1.25 million

Sergi Reixach 1,610,000

Christoph Csik 2,185 thousand

The remainder of the Spanish contingent, which is becoming increasingly numerous as the Pokerstars Players’ Championship registration deadline approaches, has ceded some significance to the remaining players in Bahamas.

Jonathan Jaffe has won the first sit&go of the $50,000 $8-Hamded (8 players, $194,814), while David Peters is in the lead of the remaining 22 players in the $3,000 Mystery Bounty.

Only Adrian Mateos, Juan Pardo, and Sergio Aido have served as High Rollers, have been significantly engaged in the festival, and have seized the chance presented by the $25k$8-Handed event, which has had 78 entrants on Day 1. Tomorrow, none of the three will be required to rebuy, but they have not been able to maintain a position around the tournament average so far. There are still many obstacles to overcome, including late registration.

Follow Sergi Reixach’s attempt to equal or surpass Vicent Bosc√°’s fifth-place finish in the 2019 PCA, the last tournament held before to the festival’s forced hiatus, on the Pokerstars streaming channels at the regular hour.

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