Posted: 27.01.2024

France’s overall performance in PokerStars Winter Series is even with us: Spain winless for second day in a row

France's overall performance in PokerStars Winter...

The Winter Series was the focus of PokerStars yesterday. Nine events were completed and €355,000 in prize money was awarded. Like Wednesday, yesterday was a very negative day for Spanish players, as our players did not win in the winter series. France wins the winter series.

France notched up 5 wins from 9 games on the day which moved them up in the overall national rankings and we matched the lead. Argentina, Canada, Kazakhstan and Ukraine also recorded victories. France and Spain lead the overall ranking of countries.

With 167 events completed, France is now tied with SpainSpain in the domestic rankings Juxtaposition. We have lost all the advantages we gained and now it is time to fight for the rankings.

  • 1. France andSpain: 39 wins.
  • 3. Brazil: 26.
  • 4. Portugal: 25.
  • 5. Ukraine: 13.
  • 6. Belarus: 10.
  • 7. Argentina and Kazakhstan: 3.
  • 9. Lithuania: 2.
  • 10. Armenia, Canada, Ecuador, Latvia, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam: 1.

Spanish daily winners of multi-table tournaments

La Roja has a total of 14 wins in MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

  1. “serjyCr7” (PKO €20 6-Max).
  2. “yespocketaces” (PKO €30 6) -Max).
  3. “Kaiser970” (PKO 3€ 3-Max).
  4. “Xxnumb3rsxX” (Colossal €30).
  5. “mamola-perica” “(PKO 5 €6 max).
  6. “davidmayer2024” (PKO 10 €6 max).
  7. “JCP. bcn” (SuperStack 5 euros).
  8. “camaron00” (Bounty Generator 5 euros).
  9. “Electron677” (SuperStack 1 euros).
  10. “angelymarina” (PKO 1 euro).
  11. “angelymarina” (PKO 1 euro). li>
  12. “angelymarina” (PKO 1 euro).
  13. “camaron00” ( Bounty Generator 5€). li >
  14. “Who doctor10” (SuperStack 5€).*.
  15. “nevergiveup555” (Super Thursday Omaha 20€ 6 player cap).
  16. “kstrinho” (Bounty Generator €5).
  17. “tenerifematt” (Zoom PKO £30).

Spanish Management 3Double and Balance Sheet In HU our team Negative : 11First and 14 Second Name.

Results of the Winter Series

  1. PhilB40K (WS-159. Prize pool: £6,135.33. Number of entries: 3,329. Prize pool: £59,922. Country: France).
  2. A Whole New World (WS-160. Price: €7,714.10. Field: 564. Field: 564. Prize pool: €50,760. Country: Kazakhstan).
  3. Claironjo (WS-161. Price: £4,797.29. Venue: 653. Prize pool: £29,385. Country: France).
  4. DiiiiMaria11 (WS-162. Prize money: £11,363.38. Number of entries: 241. Prize pool: £56,033. Country: France).
  5. RunningTwice (WS-163. Prize pool: €3,804.69. Prize pool: €1,452. Number of participants: 1,452. Prize pool: €26,136. Country: Argentina).
  6. WillyBlaze (WS-164. Prize: £9,790.52. Entry: 738. Prize pool: £66,420. Country: Canada).
  7. tombarth (WS-165. Prize: £2,835.84. Prize: £2,805. Prize pool: £25,245. Country: France).
  8. makemeavision (WS-166. Price: 3,138.60 Pounds. Venue: 702. Prize pool: £18,954. Country: Ukraine).
  9. djordy24100 (WS-167. Prize: £2,424.01 Entry: 1,272 Prize Pool: £22,896 Country: France).

France's overall performance in PokerStars Winter...

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  • Lawrence.wolf

    The text discusses the results of the Winter Series poker tournament on PokerStars, highlighting the success of French players who won five out of nine events on the day. Spanish players did not fare well, resulting in France and Spain being tied for the overall rankings. The text also mentions winners from various nationalities and provides a list of Spanish winners in multi-table tournaments.

  • The text provides an overview of the Winter Series in PokerStars, highlighting the results and overall rankings of different countries. It also lists the Spanish winners and provides specific details of some events. Overall, it seems like a comprehensive report on the tournament.

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