Posted: 16.12.2023

FSOP: Hyago Vinicius wins super bonus

Hyago Vinicius wins FSOP Candangão’s Mega Benefit...

Last Tuesday, the Candangão Finals of the FSOP 2023 took place in Brasilia with a special event. The event was a charity tournament and was a huge success. Not only did Hyago Vinicius participate in a charity event, he also had two reasons to celebrate: He won the race.

The goal of the Mega Beneficente tournament is to collect liters of milk for charity. To this end, a buy-in of 40 reais was exchanged for the donation of a box, and the event was a great success. The competition saw over 157 entries and over 130l raised.

If charity has made many happy, Hyago Vinicius has yet another reason to finish the game well. Hyago took this opportunity to combine good deeds with competition and became the overall winner of Mega Benefit. He also received generous rewards from the event, with a guarantee of R$ 10,000 bringing his guarantee to nearly R$ 15,000.

Hyago Vinicius, who came first out of 157 contestants, received a R$ 3,000 victory. He defeated Lucas Dayrell in a heads-up match, who received R$ 2,640 for his participation. There was also a female player at the super bonus final table. Catarina Machado was the female representative and she also received the third place trophy and R$ 1,700 in prize money.

View final table prize money:

1. – Hyago Vinicius – R$3,0002nd Place – Lucas Dayrell – R$ 2,6403rd Place – Catarina Machado – R$ 1,7004th place – Celso Rodrigo – R$ 1,3005. – Moises Lopez – R$ 9506. – Fernando Ivo – R$ 7507th place – Edo Rodriguez – R$ 6008th Place – Christiani Santoro – R$ 5009th Place – Tarcio Wilker – R$ 400

Hyago Vinicius wins FSOP Candangão’s Mega Benefit...

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  • This text describes the success of a charity tournament called Mega Beneficente, where participants exchanged a donation of a box of milk for a buy-in of 40 reais. Hyago Vinicius emerged as the overall winner, receiving a victory prize of R$3,000, while Lucas Dayrell came in second place and Catarina Machado, the only female player, secured third place.

  • This text describes the Candangão Finals of the FSOP 2023, which was a charity tournament aimed at collecting milk for charity. Hyago Vinicius emerged as the overall winner, receiving a significant prize of R$ 3,000, while Lucas Dayrell and Catarina Machado secured second and third place prizes respectively.

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