Posted: 23.03.2023

Heads-up poker | Hu cash table locations in 2023

In recent years, Heads-Up Cache has had tough times in online poker. Despite this, it is difficult to describe as a “defunct” format. This essay will explain where and at what restrictions you may still find action and play HU.

Хедз ап покер: лучшие покер-румы для HU

Best Poker Rooms for HU

Since the one-on-one game in cache is now not very popular, and many rooms have simply deleted tables of this format from their customers, we have compiled a list of almost all sites that still provide action in this sort of poker.


The biggest mobile poker room is currently almost the only location to play “heads-up” poker (if you exclude programs such as ClubGG). Although PPPoker is extremely different from traditional poker sites (club structure, mobile app play, crypto transfers through agent), the availability of high traffic and rakeback offers overcomes all of its characteristics.

There is activity in the HU cache in five of the clubs on our website. In addition, we are discussing not just Hold’em tables but also several Omaha variations. Typically, the latter get more activity.

The range of possible wagers is $0.01/$0.02 to $10/$20. Typically, the most costly limitations are in PLO.

RedStar Poker.

In the client of the network’s flagship iPoker room, there is a vast selection of HU-cache limits, although the game often takes place at many tables between NL20€ and NL400€.

To locate a rival for higher stakes, you must continually check the lobby and “compete” with other pros for the opportunity to play with an amateur. Nonetheless, this strategy applies to all heads-up cash roums.

RedStar is the only room on our list where external HUD may be used without issue. 35% is the set rakeback for our gamers.


Under the Stretch network’s Ukrainian skin’s loyalty program, rakeback percentages range from 5% to 60%. True, the highest of these tiers are unlikely to be accessible to local HU-queue players.

Heads-up traffic is often only focused at a few tables with limits between NL50€ and NL400€ in the evening. There may be multiple unfinished 6-max tables with just two active players in the lobby, so if you begin the game in this format, there is a risk of playing one-on-one.


It is premature to bury HU cash. Even if the situation has altered drastically over the last few years, it is still feasible to locate tables with the largest stakes and chips. Trusting a reputable affiliate to handle the difficulty of choosing a suitable game is more important than getting caught up on the conventional possibilities.

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