Posted: 23.03.2023

In the Main Event, Gabrenja and Santi took the lead.

URUGUAY TURNAMENT The leaders of the Main Event are SGabrenja and Santi.

Eighty players qualified after the first two raises, with Matthias holding a share of the lead on Day 2. On Day 1B, Eduardo got his entry and joined the group of leaders. Day 1C will begin at noon and Day 1D will begin in the afternoon.

Gabrenja y Santi se adelantaron en el Main Event

The WSOP Uruguay Main Event, held at Enjoy Punta del Este with support from GGPoker, has already completed its first two qualifying rounds, with Matias Gabrenja holding a partial lead. The first two races drew 241 entries, with 80 entrants and the Argentinian earning $287,000 and finishing first.

The reigning world champion, Damian Salas, took part in Day 1B and came out ahead with a healthy stack.

On the first of the two starting days, only 25 of the 80 competitors were able to make the packet after 12 40-minute stages.

Also entering the tournament were Fabio Colonese, Jose Severino, Esteban Gomez, Leonel Otazo, Francisco Benitez, Gonzalo Garcia, Santiago Marin and Yoshiaki Paco Nagaki.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Main Event.

The field consisted of 152 buy-ins at the close of late registration for the second round, which was delayed by an hour to watch Argentina defeat Australia. Only 55 people qualified, and Eduardo Santi was the most qualified.

The Argentine player finished third with 210,600 chips. In addition to Santi, the following players qualified for the tournament: event heavyweight Damian Salas, Event #3 champion Pablo Andreu, Carlos Camargo, Assad Kamran, Franco Vizzotto, Vlad Lache, Gustavo Morales, Martin Cus and Julio Chia.

Day 1C will begin at 12 noon and will include both new entrants and repeat competitors. The latter group consists of people who are not easy to beat: Diego Ventura, Connie Lampropoulos, Bruno Alava, Cristian Sampaoli, Rodrigo Delgado and Juan Bonjour. CodigoPoker offers comprehensive coverage of each activity.

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