Posted: 23.03.2023

Initial outcomes of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Выходка Poker Bunny и первые титулы хайроллеров — как проходит PCA на Багамах

Together with the PSPC, the highly anticipated PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Series is taking place in the Bahamas. There are $300 and $100,000 tournaments at the two events, which have drawn a considerable number of players due to their intriguing schedules. In addition, the series brought together around 400 Platinum Pass holders.

The most anticipated event, the PokerStars Players Championship, has not yet begun, but several players have already been awarded seven-figure prizes. Isaac Haxton won the $100,000 Super High Roller tournament.

After a three-max split, he finished in first place with $1,082,230 after defeating 49 opponents. His opponents, Adrian Mateos and Seth Davis, also won more than a million dollars.

This is Isaac’s second victory in one week; on January 20, he won the $50,000 PokerGO Series tournament in Las Vegas, which paid out $598,000.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever won two consecutive tournaments, but I did rather well in them. Consequently, I feel wonderful. It’s been a wonderful start to the year “remarked Haxton.

Among the other notable winners are Connor Beresford and David Yang. Each took home $436,812 and $485,616 after winning $50,000 events. Several tournaments between $25,000 and $250,000 remain on the program.

Poker Bunny’s odd behavior.

Paulina “Poker Bunny” Leliger, a regular visitor at Hustler Casino live events and a streamer, distinguished herself on the PCA series. Paulina advanced well into Day 3 of the $10,300 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event, and in yet another hand, she contemplated whether or not to call her opponent’s flush while holding bank cards.

Paulina pushed her chips to the table’s middle when the dealer stated that time had expired. His opponent revealed his hand. However, instead of revealing her hand and leaving the table, Poker Bunny engaged in some peculiar behavior.

Paulina started to draw back the cards as the dealer attempted to remove them from her. Initially, she pulled the cards toward the dealer with their shirts up. Pulling the cards from the dealer’s hands was ineffective. The protagonist then stretched across the table to the poppy, which likewise required the protection of a hall staff.

Leliger left the table in silence after two unsuccessful attempts, but the tournament director followed her and cautioned her against such conduct.

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