Posted: 08.02.2024

KSOP South America Main Event is getting bigger and bigger

KSOP South America Main Event is getting bigger an...

An integral part of the series is the KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event, which takes place at the Rio Center Convention Center in Barra da Tijuca Heldstrong, Rio proved to be a success.

Wednesday The 1B and 1C Turbo tournaments are underway and have done nothing but continue to fuel a burgeoning field of excellence, with a buy-in of R$ 5,000 and over R$ 11 million guaranteed Prize pool, 776 registrants have signed up to date, with 231 eligible players.

Machado is Wednesday’s big chip leader.

For example, Day 1B had 462 registered players and ended up with 131 qualifiers, led by

Some of them are Mauricio Merelles Motta, seventh with 225,000 points, and Andres Read (cover image) with 224,000 points Ranked eighth.

Day 1C Turbo has taken place on Carioca Night, with a final field of 48 players, Marcelo Aziz leads the chip count with 255,500 points, and here Ezequiel Plavnickis the best Spanish speaker with 120,500 chips.

This Thursday, the event starts at 2pm and continues until Day 1D, later 10pm Points. Begins with Day 1E Turbo, while Days 1F and 1G are on Friday, and Day 1H and Day 2 are on Friday will take place on Saturday, the most important part of the tournament begins when all qualified players sit down with 1,000/2,000 blind and big blind bets.

Always with the CodigoPoker broadcast, the 3rd day will be on Sunday, the 4th day will be on Monday, after Tuesday’s break, that is Wednesday the 7th, the last day will be It will be held on the last day of KSOP GGPoker South America.

KSOP South America Main Event is getting bigger an...


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    This text provides a detailed overview of the ongoing KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event, highlighting the impressive number of participants and the upcoming schedule of events. It seems like a successful and well-organized tournament with a substantial prize pool.

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