Posted: 13.10.2023

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast

MarcaPoker reached 227 yesterday. The show airs on Radio Marca, thanks to David Luzago and sponsored by Winamax.

David commented on Poker News, both domestic and international, in an hour and a half that was, as always, very entertaining.

We will not reveal the content; we will only provide the table of contents:

  • David Luzagohis own news summary.
  • Celebrating Samuel Bernabéu’s bracelet, José Aguilera‘s in-depth performance in the WSOP Main Event (final table bubble) and Juan Maceiras‘s FT.
  • Trademan Interview, Commentary & Coach Álvaro Aspas “Darkored”.
  • A conversation with David Cabrero, the leader of a team of five young people from Huesca who, in collaboration with Fournier Playing Cards, made the world’s most The longest row of playing cards, and created a new Guinness record.
  • And contact with Sevilla Gold.

Listen to the 227th MarcaPoker Show Podcast


  • It seems like an informative text highlighting the recent episode of the show “MarcaPoker.” The text mentions various poker news stories covered in the show, including achievements of different players and interviews with industry professionals. Overall, it appears to be an enjoyable and informative episode.

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