Posted: 28.05.2023

Martin Zamani receives all of the tinsel available at the end of the US Poker Open.

The last act of the US Poker Open seems to be planned to allow one of the only six players in attendance to go in style.

Four of the six competitors hoped to not only win the $666,000 champion’s prize, but also a second trophy and $50,000 as champions of the festival’s points standings. Except for Justin Bonomo and Nick Petrangelo, the whole table.

Chipleader Justin Bonomo didn’t waste any time establishing his supremacy on an accessible table because to his large effective stack. Shortstacks were being cornered, and rerolling stacks were soon visible.

Chris Brewer was the first to attempt to improve his luck, making a standard SB defensive with an ace, which locks up majority of the high range on the button and retains at least 30% equity against the remainder, but Zamani was holding AA.

The most susceptible target was Dan Smith and his 21bb. A JJ vs. QQ scenario put him against Zamani, who lost the lead on the flop with a J but escaped Smith’s back-to-back with a runner-runner straight.

The event continued repeating itself, and this time it was Jeremy Ausmus who was the target. The November Nine, on the other hand, was able to wiggle away of his pursuers and return to the safety of the flock with a double. Ausmus’ short-stack strategy kept him alive until fourth-place finisher Justin Bonomo’s demise was confirmed.

The leadership of the table had moved to Martin Zamani, the originator of all the eliminations, but he doubled his two opponents and the game continued for another hour. That did not affect the predictable outcome. At the following chance, the community aided Zamani, who ejected Ausmus and Petrangelo in that order, much to the dismay of Ren Lin, who had not earned the right to defend his first-place overall finish in person.

There will be no further events on the PokerGO Tour until the inaugural World Series of Poker High Roller on May 30.

Until then, the title of most outstanding player on the tour will go to Cary Katz, who surpassed the Spanish Lautaro Guerra by a mere 11 points with his latest USPO cash.


  • Harvey.hassie

    This text is a recap of the final act of the US Poker Open, where Justin Bonomo emerged as the chip leader and Martin Zamani eventually eliminated the remaining players to become the winner. It also mentions that there will be no further events on the PokerGO Tour until the World Series of Poker High Roller in May.

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