Posted: 16.04.2023

Michel Antunes has been declared the winner of the Sunday Million.

Brazil still holds the title for the Sunday Million. After competing against 10,716 other players, Michael Antunes became victorious in the Bounty Builder Series installment of the event. The winner, user “michel-mica-,” took home $82,694 in prize money.

“juninnr8” was also included in the final version. The Brazilian’s 7-handed session ended badly as he lost 52 large blinds in a pot. While “viandot” bet the minimum, “juninnr8” called with KQ and protected the huge. On the flip, “juninnr8” checked to his opponent who was betting, and he then called his opponent’s bets on the turn with the K. A river 8 saw the Estonian grinder make a bluff all-in. Once “juninnr8” chose a check-raise, “viandot” paid with KK.

Immediately after that, “juninnr8” lost against “viandot’s” AK with a 43 hand.

Michael, in turn, used the deck to his advantage to claim the “spr32900” prize. He went all in preflop with A3 against the European’s AJ. The river 3 eliminated the short stack with its brutality.

“viandot” was Michel’s next mark. As a result of his limp, his opponent in the three-handed game saw him rise to 18,000,000. With his stack of 23 bbs, “viandot” moved them to the middle of the table. The phone rang, and Michel sat down at the table with the letter combination AQ. Against A8 and K10Q6K, “viandot” had no chance.

Michel entered heads-up play with a 2:1 chip advantage and defeated “steven2188” in 17 hands. He openly shoved the German on the last play, and the latter called him. Michel was not shocked to see 4Q587 ahead of A6 versus K9.

The Sunday Million attracted 10,716 entries at $109 each and paid out $1,071,600 to 1,711 winners. Amounts awarded to the finalists are as follows:

1. Michel “michel-mica-” Antunes (Brazil) $82,694 

2. “steven2188” (Germany) $65,506

3. “viandot” (Estonia) $46,929

4. “ponyatko” (Montenegro) $34,450

5. “DaLuckyStrike” (Malta) $21,222

6. “spr32900” (Montenegro) $14,669

7. “juninnr8” (Brazil) $14,798

8. “AliasGhost” (Thailand) $8,229

9. “GR0ßGLOCKNER” (Austria) $6,810


  • Kiehn.charlotte

    This text is a report on the Sunday Million event in which Michael Antunes, a Brazilian player, emerged as the winner. It provides details of the final table hands and payouts, highlighting the key moments and players involved in the tournament.

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