Posted: 23.03.2023

Mistake at the final table at the WSOP-C

Ошибка за финальным столом WSOP Circuit в казино King’s, которую никто не заметил

Traditional WSOP Circuit Series completed at Rosewood’s King’s Casino. At the final table of the main event with a €1,700 buy-in, one of the hands was incorrectly read. Pierre Kauer, a German poker player, finished in fifth place despite the fact that he should have kept playing despite having minimal chance of winning.

The incident happened at the 5-max level. After receiving, Pierre Kauer put his entire stack of chips (just under 1 million) all-in. His opponent immediately responded with. There were around 2.2 million chips in the pot out of a total of approximately 35 million in the game.

On the flip, we issued a gatchet to our opponents. The players folded on the turn, boosting Kauer’s opponent’s advantage, and the board was then closed.

After thanking everyone for the game, Pierre rose from his seat and proceeded to the cashier’s cage to claim his €58,350 reward. No one intervened; neither the players at the table nor the dealers, nor the commentators on the live show, reacted to what was occurring.

Раздача в ME WSOP Circuit

Which hand?

In accordance with the rules of no-limit Hold’em, both players with two pair were required to divide the pot. When viewing the program, viewers recognized the error, but it was too late to rectify the problem. According to the poker room’s set regulations, the player may protest the deal until the following one begins.

While attentive onlookers protested and denounced the error to the commentators, who then reported it to the room’s supervisors, Pierre was already cashing in his winnings at the cash counter.

Federico Brunato, director of poker operations at King’s Resort, remarked on the circumstance.

“I’d like to draw your attention to one of the most essential laws of the game: always read your hand. Sona (dealer at ME WSOP-C) is no exception; after all, we are all human and capable of making errors. This hand was misread, despite the fact that she had played countless of winning hands in her lifetime.”

Federico also advised not to criticize the dealer or the faults of others, but rather to “know your rights and monitor your game.” It is interesting that following the poker community’s outrage, a portion of the stream recording including a hand was removed.


  • This text highlights an incident at the WSOP Circuit Series where a player, Pierre Kauer, was incorrectly awarded the fifth-place position despite having a minimal chance of winning. The mistake was only noticed by viewers after Pierre had already claimed his winnings, leading to protests and criticism towards the dealer and the handling of the situation.

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