Posted: 23.03.2023

Molina piloted Flight 1B in the Palace Poker Cup Main Event cockpit.

Gloria Molina of Colombia amassed the largest stack in the second round of qualifying for the main event of the series that kicks off the 2023 poker season at the Palace Poker Room. The member of Team Mago Poker had a significant edge over her closest competitor, the Mexican Jose G. Burdos, when she accumulated 457,500 chips while he accumulated 394,500. The session had 101 submissions, resulting in an MX$303,000 (US$15,150) charge for the cash prize.

Molina’s lead in Flight 1B of the Main Event at the Palace capped a night dominated by women.

Near daybreak on Thursday, the second qualifying session for the main event of the Palace Poker Cup, which is being hosted in the Palace Casino on Insurgentes Avenue, one of Mexico City’s most vibrant economic areas, concluded. Gloria Molina of Colombia dominated the day by earning 457,500 chips, putting her in third position within the group of players who have already qualified for Day 2 of the tournament, which will take place on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Molina was brought in this evening by local resident José G. Burgos, whose account balance hit 394,500 points. Salvador Valle, likewise Mexican, rounded out this round’s symbolic podium with a total of 363,000 chips. Elmer Huerta (315,500 chips), Hector Garza (309,000), and Andres Campero were other strong competitors among the 19 who survived this session’s 15 stages of play (273,000). Notable also are French players Thibaut Alamargot (140,000) and Benoit Nicolas Verite (131,000), who, together with the chipleader, were the only foreign players to secure a place in the event’s final table.

The session concluded with 101 submissions, which resulted to a total prize fund of MX$303,000 ($15,150) This takes the overall prize pool to MX$588,000, which is comparable to roughly 60% of the guaranteed MX$1,000,000 (US$50,000) that the organization planned for the minimum purse for this tournament. With just three flights remaining in the event’s qualifying round, it’s virtually certain that this benchmark will be exceeded without hiccups.

Beginning at 3 p.m. on this coming Thursday, flight 1C will be contested. The assessment concludes with a chipcount that highlights the events of the session corresponding to Day 1B.


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    This text provides details about Gloria Molina’s impressive performance in the second qualifying round of the poker tournament at the Palace Poker Room. She accumulated the largest stack of chips and has secured a spot in Day 2 of the tournament.

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