Posted: 30.08.2023

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as they think they do.

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as...

While many dream of the coveted Main Event bracelet, others aim to become regulars at the high-stakes game – or High Roller tournaments. However, the latter contains a fact that is rarely talked about.

When you see players at high-stakes tables, you tend to think of two things: either they have as much money as their bankroll will allow, or they bet A significant portion of their net worth. According to professional gamer Matthew Hunt, neither of these is usually true.

Matthew Hunt at the WSOP a few years ago.

The Brit does some calculations with a variance calculator to figure out how much bankroll he would need to win at the $500/USD game. Comfortable $1,000 cash games with 250 BB chips or $250,000 tournaments. For the former, the cost is about $6 million, and for tournaments, it can be as high as $12 million, depending on how many of these events you want to play along the way Year.

“If you see a player at a $500/$1,000 blinds table, chances are the big blind means a lot less to them than to the average person ; but that’s also highly unlikely.” Meaningless. In fact, the only players who have no sense for the money tend to be casual players who make a lot of money outside of poker and just enjoy the game as a fun pastime. ”

According to hunting by almost anyone proficient in money management, they will sell most games when playing high-stakes games. Pros are less Possibly showing off his full skill set on the tournament floor with an average six-figure buy-in. He claims to have heard the story of a former Super High Roller Bowl winner who was only 6% when he won.

At this point, he concluded by saying: Nobody has as much money in the high stakes as they think, but that doesn’t make the The level of skill and mental toughness required to compete at this level; it just means players are applying slightly different skills, and “You should be doing the same thing regardless of the stakes you play. “

Nobody who plays high stakes has as much money as...

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