Posted: 23.03.2023

On a fantastic Sunday at GGPoker, Lucio Lima reached two final tables.

The shark from Minas Gerais won the Bounty Hunters contest on Sunday, outlasting 2,070 other competitors. With the triumph, Lima was awarded $42,263 in prize money. In addition, the Brazilian finished eighth in the Sunday High Rollers Main Event for $1,050, adding $17,090 to his bankroll.

At the conclusion of a Super Million$ Week in the two G’s room, Lima seemed magnificent.

Lucio Lima, a shark from Brazil, secured a profitable Sunday owing to his remarkable performance in GGPoker contests on the last day of the Super MILLION$ Week, a series of large buy-in tournaments that drew the worldwide elite of this mental sport at the opening of the 2023 season.

Sunday’s Bounty Hunters event was won by Lima, who bested a field of 2,070 competitors. The native of Minas Gerais won $42,263 between the award for this excellent victory and the prizes he received for the eliminations he handled on his journey to the top. Danilo ‘Senhor’ Demétrio (fourth place; US$10,768) and Pedro ‘ODDj0b’ Cavalieri (sixth place; US$7,050) contributed to the successful Brazilian harvest in this competition.

Lima also made a remarkable advance in the $1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event, one of the most dazzling contests on the GGPoker Sunday schedule. Although he was eliminated in the final stage of the competition, the Insight Team member’s eighth-place performance won him US$17,090. Consequently, Lucio gained a total of $59,353 to his bankroll at the conclusion of this Super MILLION$ Week as a result of his successful play.


  • This text highlights the success of Lucio Lima, a shark from Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the GGPoker contests during the Super MILLION$ Week. He won the Bounty Hunters event and received $42,263 in prize money, along with making an impressive eighth-place finish in the Sunday High Rollers Main Event, earning an additional $17,090. Overall, it showcases his remarkable performance and profitable Sunday in the world of high-stakes poker.

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