Posted: 04.05.2023

Selbst has joined the WSOP Thrill Ambassador Team

Ванесса Селбст 2022

Vanessa Selbst announced her retirement from big tournament poker in 2018. Since then, one of the finest poker players in the world has only appeared in a few individual live events. Vanessa was then honored into the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame in 2022.

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Selbst reappeared in the news streams the other day. The three-time WSOP bracelet winner’s retirement intentions have shifted slightly:

“You can stop playing poker, but I don’t think it will ever leave your life.” “It’s a game I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” Selbst said.

In this context, the girl joined the WSOP Thrill Team. Patrick Antonius, Espen Jorstad, Adam Hendrisk, Samantha Abernathy, and Landon Theis are among the ambassadors. As a member of this team, Selbst will be present on the WSOP poker app, giving everyone in the room the opportunity to meet the legend at the same table.

Vanessa has also stated her goal to compete in the WSOP 2023 in Las Vegas. The poker player claimed in an interview with a poker site that she was only seeking for a cause to return. Well, that’s a pretty solid explanation, and we’ll see whether Selbst hasn’t lost her abilities over the summer.

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