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Summary of 2023 CNP888 Season Finals results, with Muñeco and David Santos on the cover.

Summary of 2023 CNP888 Season Finals results, with...

The Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones is once again the stage to bid farewell to the season of the National Poker Championship sponsored by 888Poker, for its twelfth edition. have to say.

The design of the circuit can take into account CNP888 The many unknowns that arise every year, such as who will be the bearer of his badge or who will be the national champion in November remains unanswered.

The game schedule gradually reveals the name of the season. The top priority is to find the overall winner among the many candidates. As the main event progresses, the elimination rounds leave the contestants with no chance to score, and the final winner gradually falls apart.

This year’s competition is for the championship. The battle for the uniform jersey is fiercer than ever, with major title contenders qualifying for day three of the main event. Paulo Santinho and Bienvenido Sanchez put all the pressure on Pedro “The Baby” Gonzalez On the body, the latter is able to protect himself on the mat and even surpass his opponents many times. Close duel, failed shortly before breaking into the top 30. All three finished between 37th and 32nd, declaring Pedro the 2023 CNP888 champion.

Speaking of the highlight: This is the biggest highlight of this music festival. The 1,296 tournament participants have a say in deciding the split of prize money between the two options offered by the organization. The contestants opted for a more balanced selection, slightly reducing the top spots in order to slightly flesh out the rest of the award rankings.

The competition moved to Portugal after the last clover fell this year, avoiding a host of national players, including Sebastian Penex, Jose Luis Acebes “Josetecrazy”, Vital Villarrubia, Alejandro Vazquez “Cuquejo” and Ignacio López de Maturana.

The Spaniards rounded out the podium were Aimar Bermudez (3rd) and Javier Garcia

Summary of 2023 CNP888 Season Finals results, with...

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  • The text provides an overview of the National Poker Championship sponsored by 888Poker and highlights the fierce competition among the participants. It mentions Pedro The Baby Gonzalez as the 2023 CNP888 champion and discusses the prize money distribution chosen by the contestants.

  • The text discusses the conclusion of the National Poker Championship at the Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones, where Pedro Gonzalez emerged as the champion. The competition was intense and had a balanced distribution of prize money among the participants.

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