Posted: 28.04.2023

Summary of all the happenings in the world of virtual wipes

Everything happening on the virtual garments

Players like Javier Swett came out on top throughout the greatest day of play. The Chilean wasn’t the only player to work hard and play fairly in the competitions.

Our grinder used the new best day to leave his mark, win several championships, and wrap out a successful session.

Amado Carrillo took first place and US$8,068 in the Bounty Hunters Sunday Encore $54 tournament. Next up was Peruvian grinder Javier Ofbravetight Swett, who took down the $215 Fat Sunday for $3,210.

The Larger 22 was won by Flavio FlaviOx00 Hidalgo for 2,306 greenbacks, while the Hotter 5.50 was won by skullhorse for $1,118. Once easyrb won the Bounty Builder 16.50 for US$3,574, he deposited that amount into his account, and tarantino1111 won the Hotter 16.50 for 1,082 green.

Added rewards from the hopper:

tavo12345 Gustavo Second place in the Hotter 33 (US$2,078) goes to Aguilera.

Placed third in the $1,990 MAXelODIOSO Hotter 109 PKO

Larger 55 Champion by AceNica ($1,423)

Third place in the Bounty Hunters Deepstack Turbo for $21.60 ($1,381) and an ONTPOFHMNTAIN.

Hotter Hyper $82 ($1,031) runner-up AS3982


  • The text highlights the success and achievements of various players in virtual gaming tournaments, specifically mentioning their winnings and rankings in different competitions. It seems to be a celebratory and informative account of their accomplishments.

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