Posted: 23.03.2023

Sunday was productive for Schroeder and Pineda at GGPoker’s Super MILLION$ Week.

A six-figure second-place result made Gabriel Schroeder one among the most successful Latinos on Sunday’s online felt (image courtesy of

Gabriel Schroeder and Julian Pineda produced beneficial results in the US$1,050 GGMasters High Rollers tournament, which was event #2 in the series of high buy-in contests set by the two G’s room at the start of this season. Schroeder was awarded $117,974 as the runner-up, while Pineda was awarded $66,344 for his outstanding performance.

At the commencement of GGPoker’s Super Millionaire week, Schroeder and Pineda were in control of the Latin characters.

Since the beginning of the season, the two G’s room has been inviting the world’s best players to compete in its several tournament series for the chance to win enticing guaranteed prizes. The principal representatives of the Latin American armada have heeded the summons, and their success has not been delayed. This was the case on Sunday, the first day of Super MILLION$ Week, when Gabriel Schroeder of Brazil and Julian Pineda of Colombia won a significant amount of the prize pool in the GGMasters High Rollers US$1,050 tournament, event #2 in the series of high buy-in contests.

Julian Pineda

At the start of the season, he continues to demonstrate a rising level of play.

Schroeder made his presence known in the final stage of the event, when he was defeated by the Canadian flag-clad, anonymous grinder ‘fearthereaper.’ Thanks to the subtitle, the gamer from the land of samba got a prized payout of $117,974 US. For his triumph, the winner was awarded $157,322 in prize money. Unknown DDboom from China, who received $88,468 for his third-place finish, rounded up the podium.

On the other hand, Julian Pineda, whose unusual GGPoker moniker was ‘don chimbo,’ was ranked fourth and earned $66,342 as a result. In this way, the grinder born in the town of Saman√° in Caldas and residing in the Aztec resort of Playa del Carmen demonstrates that he wants to make the most of the season he is beginning; since he had won another important title in the Bounty Hunters Special US$129, which was also played in the room of the good game, in the previous days.

The excellent Latin American balance in this tournament was completed by “DEMOLIDOR1722” of Brazil, whose identity is unknown, finishing sixth. The South American colossus’s representative earned $37,307 with this advance. The English shark Chris Moorman, who presently lives in Mexico, was also a standout participant in the tournament. His seventh-place finish enabled him to earn an additional $27,970.

The event ended registration with 1,132 entrants, generating a prize pool of $1,132,000, which was just enough to reach the $1,000,000 guaranteed prize offered by the organization. The graph depicts the payments for the contest’s finals, which lasted little under 12 hours.

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