Posted: 12.07.2023

The purpose of the final table is to find new cash cows

The big day has arrived. The new Moneymaker will be announced this Monday. The Great American Cardroom Tournament features 8 finalists who will make history at the grand final table.

A total of 1,921 players participated on Day 2, with only 8 remaining. Whoever wins the final stage, which begins at 1:30pm ET, will win $103,877 plus $15,000 entry to the World Series of Poker Main Event, and that’s it.

So far, SocialSlug has topped the list with 76.37 BBs. Also luckymentality, Latin guaidog and badlucktou, 13win13, Il24,


SocialSlug – 76.37 BBsluckymentality – 52.95 BBsguaidog – 49.97 BBs13win13strong> – 44.82 BBbadlucktou – 43.99 BBIl24 – 25.01 BBdnold55 – 17.08 BBStairsUP – 16.71 BB.

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